Jordan Peterson puts it all together

This is exceptional. I haven’t heard Dr. Peterson this good for a long time. He actually points out that feminism’s alignment with Islam is actually a wish for brutal male domination.

This of course is logical and a fun interpretation. And at an individual level, which a psychologist would find interesting, it may even be true largely. But the fact is feminism is merely a vector of communism’s attack on Western civilization, and its alignment with islam is because they share the same goal. Each imagines they can work out differences once European thought, history and people are out of the way. But overall, he is very, very good.

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  1. No female wants a weak man, it’s in our genes. Those feminists yearn for a strong guy but the virile ones are not in their environment. As a female, when I watched the Cathy Newman interview, mid-way through, I sensed her sexual desire for Peterson. As women, we feel these things aka instinct.

    Females that are with weak men are often nasty individuals. I’ve known some throughout my life and it is what I noticed.

    And we can reverse the situation. Do weak men seek out dominating females?

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