Before you spend $300.00 on a ticket for Jordan Peterson “get the damn vaccine”

For a guy who has become a total rock star on essentially opposing state power and its brutal and intense invasion of every single aspect of our lives, even where it is anti-constitutional in many countries, he sure talks out of both sides of his mouth on the issue of submission to irrational authority on the matter of masks and experimental gene-therapies.

Even though its yada yada wuzza wuzza submit. And even though I wouldn’t force it, “get the damn vaccine.”

There is no “Look into the data and look at the obvious lies and make up your own mind.” Instead, its “suspend judgement for 6 months”.  I wonder how many people died of myocarditis from that advice. Or got permanently damaged. This was direct advice to submit to authority who was obviously and clearly lying to us all. We know they lied because we know they could not know the things they claimed about the gene-therapy because they had bypassed all the testing procedures our own governments had created to make sure things are safe enough for the public.

In this video, he is using the same trick as the government. Which written out is roughly, ‘use the precautionary principle and take the vaccine and wear the mask as if the virus is as they say it is, then this is a safer course of action than standing on principle and not doing so’.

I say it’s a con or a trick because the precautionary principle actually works better the other way.

Government is clearly lying about the severity of the disease, and telling us to do things that they are also lying about such as injecting a brand new technology into people that has never been used before without proper testing so the cautious approach would be, don’t go into crowds and don’t inject anything that the people lying about everything, tell you to inject.’

For that matter, the precautionary principle is always a con. It is in effect, Pascal’s Wager in pretty much all circumstances. Pascal’s Wager is a con because it is inherently a logical fallacy where the costs are hidden in one of the choices.

When Dr. Peterson came out against Canadian government diktats on forced use of language, in this case pronouns but it clearly won’t stop there, he did an incredible service to Canada and the World. He woke many up to the totalitarian threat facing the West.

He did his damndest to get us all to read Explaining Postmodernism, which Dr. Peterson explained, is his source on the issue. And it is an amazing read/listen

But his being a Pied Piper to dangerous and totalitarian authority on the vaxx issue, the most permanent and dangerous choice facing individuals in the last many many years, if not ever, makes one wonder. Not to mention it is a hard flip from the sanctity of the individual to the total sacrifice of the individual for a collective good, as defined and determined by ‘Die Parti’!

For those who wish to see him on January 30 in Ottawa, here is a chart of tickets that range from $90.00 to $300.00 in a stadium that holds 18,000 people.

Oh yeah and this:

The following analogy should be clarified by people more knowledgeable than me. But I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t an analogy to Matthew 12:21:13 here.

Jesus didn’t swap out his Roman money for Israeli to get inside and sell bibles. He threw everyone out of the temple and explained that this was unacceptable behaviour.

Right or wrong, Jesus was sticking to his principles, was he not?

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12 Replies to “Before you spend $300.00 on a ticket for Jordan Peterson “get the damn vaccine””

  1. For a man who’s stock and trade has been clarity he sure makes a rambling mess here. He should reserve his two cents to subjects where he has at least three cents of sense.

    • I never put too much stock in anyone, I have noticed someone says something that is the right thing to do and automatically peoplekind say “He should be Prime Minister, President, or next leader.”

      Years ago I attended a nomination meeting, one of the largest I had ever seen. There were an awful lot of new members / last minute members and they wanted to change the rules of voting. Everyone sat there like dolts, so I stood up and objected to their objection. Suddenly everyone was on their feet clapping, agreeing with me and that was the end of the clown show.

      The next day another candidate called me and congratulated me on my little speech. He asked me if I would attend the convention, he would pay my way and I could work the floor for him.

      I asked him what he thought about the suspension of tree planting in Canada, told him I was concerned about the cutting down of trees to make way for solar panels.

      At this point I thought he was on a speaker phone, something in his tone changed, seemed like he might have been winking to someone. He responded with “You know I am a very conservative man and the word conservative contains the word conserve in it…….of course I too am concerned.

      I replied it also contains the word con, thanked him for calling and said I was sitting this one out.

      Peoplekind have the right to change their opinion but not on my time.

  2. What I don’t get is how to interpret this… same as, Malone got the vaxx in spite of the fact that he is, literally, The Guy Who Should Know Better. He has said he regrets that choice and makes it a point to tell anyone who will listen to stay pure.
    Peterson does the same, now.
    What the hell? Are these just innocent mistakes, now regretted and being publicly denounced as incorrect? How can people, aware of the machinations of government and implicitly aware of the dangers of overreach, blithely go along with some new scheme just because that same gov’t tells them to? Where is the consistency? ‘I don’t vote because gov’t is all the same and your vote is irrelevant, but I will listen to those same people when they have their latest helmet fire and give me instructions’.
    We are really, ultimately, alone in this.

  3. Jordan said, on top of his fame, that it was too much, that he would eventually fail. He has.

    My impression of him now is that he has the manners of a rich man, coasting on his laurels.

    And for all his talk about Solzhenitsin, he does not follow his advice when the going gets tough. He said himself he got the vax to be able to travel.

    • Yes I remember that. I have FAMILY I don’t talk to because they knew the vaxx was shite and they took it “to be able to travel and eat at restaurants”.

      They sold out my liberty and their health by doing that.

      • They sold out our health too, the lockdowns, the restrictions have had a great effect on a lot of peoplekind’s health. If only they would have listened, thought for awhile and not been so afraid, went off have cocked, kowtowed to the WEF’s master plan, the coup would never have happened.

        Why would any normal person believe the government instead of their loved ones – – conditioning by the MSM / the government? What will be the next level of fear? God help us all.

        Does anyone wonder why Justine Trudeau and company do not wear masks at social events BUT always wear them when on TV. Could it be that a percentage of the population only sees him on tv – – yes of course – – plant the fear seed to that group of peoplekind and keep the clown show going. Do you believe that group of Canadians have any knowledge of the WEF? NO, they haven’t got a clue.

        Trudeau, Freeland, Guilty-bo, Singh, Carney are a threat to our society. They are all representatives / puppets of the WEF, they are not supporters of our freedom.

  4. So, we are to doomed by a lack of moral conviction, amongst other things, is that it? An inconsistent approach to these matters, where the indicated conclusions are not rigorously followed in all respects?
    I mean, if you have concluded to your satisfaction that, say, the LPC are liars and utterly unworthy of your trust, then it would follow that the next time you were confronted by this pronouncement or that policy, you would automatically view those things with a certain lack of faith, given that you have already concluded those making them were not to be trusted. Right or wrong, that would be the filter you used.
    Instead, I am now to understand that one’s convictions are matters of convenience, and that every case must be judged on its merits, and there are no absolutes?
    If the LPC is untrustworthy, that means you can’t take anything they tell you at face value. Period. Full stop. No exceptions. There is a pattern of behaviour that you have identified, and now use as a litmus test through which further conversations are viewed.
    My family, my friends, and many acquaintances have not understood these things. To say that they are morally inconsistent is to engage in the most disingenuous understatement.
    And I am baffled by their positions, truly.
    How can you do that? How can your conclusions only apply when convenient? When they don’t directly threaten your worldview? When you need to choose between easy and hard?
    This lack of conviction is a serious problem. /rantoff/

  5. “My family, my friends, and many acquaintances have not understood these things. To say that they are morally inconsistent is to engage in the most disingenuous understatement.
    And I am baffled by their positions, truly.”

    I feel the same way. People were separated, scared, only source of “news” came from controlled sources that have clearly perfected how to make people do what you explained here.

    I had a conversation with someone I know who is far left, biggest LPC cheerleader. Hates everything about the CPC and also Trump. He was saying he is concerned for my health and that I should go get the shot and that he was going door to door “educating” people on why they should . After alot of back and forth, and me telling him I was concerned for him going to jail for practising medicine without a license or being tracked down by someone who’s loved one dies or is injured by the vax and it was you that influenced that decision; I said to him that you must be a big Trump fan, seeing he was the one that got the vax started and fast tracked it? That was the only time he didn’t have a response.

  6. Almost everyone has an Achilles’ heel. Probably he was scared to get covid. I am just speculating. He gets a lot of things right and is quite fearless otherwise, confronting the woke and demented.
    And it is always wrong to declare someone a saint and put him on a pedestal before he is dead.
    For some reason Trump mania comes to mind.

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