“In the past two weeks we’ve witnessed a coup d’état”

Peter Hitchens chillingly reflects in the London Daily Mail today (How long before the grey dictators march on London?) on how the European Union is entering a frighteningly authoritarian endgame:

Civilian juntas have seized power in Rome and Athens. Soon, similar gangs of grey men may be sweeping aside national governments in Madrid and Lisbon. Nobody much [in the media] is protesting. In time – don’t rule it out – it could be our turn here [in Britain]…

Our ruling Left-wing elite seem oddly untroubled by the ruthless snuffing-out of national sovereignty across southern Europe. If the same thing had been done by a bunch of colonels, they would have been piously outraged…

But of course these putsches are the work of the European Union, a project the Left have long supported. And the EU is more subtle than any colonels. There is no need for midnight arrests or tanks on the streets. The enormous invisible power of the EU’s law and institutions gets its way without any need for such things.

He continues.

The sheer dictatorial nerve of Italy’s new viceroy, Mario Monti, is impressive. He has formed a government without a single elected politician in it

Once again, please pay close attention. This is the best warning you will ever get of what the EU is really about. It is an empire, in which the great nations of Europe, including ours, are intended to disappear for ever.

What’s taking place in Europe should stagger and frighten us all, but it doesn’t seem to affect the populous, and it’s true horror is not even momentarily permeating the mainstream media. Maybe because it’s all happening so smoothly, so effortlessly? It’s almost as if the European system had been gently and deliberately designed for decades, with the aim of facilitating precisely such a total removal of democracy, and its substitution with a Euro-statist technocracy.

The British Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan, also this week, very adroitly summarized events in the following speech to the European Parliament.