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5 Replies to “Iceland left the EU and does much much better”

  1. check out this report by the french ministry on the impact of Islam in french schools, a brief snippet:

    The report was in large part a catalog of refusals: increasingly, Muslim students were refusing to sing, dance, participate in sports, draw a face, or play an instrument….They refused to eat school cafeteria food that isn’t halal (that is, prepared according to sharia law) and refused to draw a right angle in math class because it looks like part of the Christian cross. They refused to swim because they didn’t want to be polluted by “infidels’ water.” They refused to read Enlightenment authors such as Voltaire and Rousseau because they’re antireligion, Cyrano de Bergerac because it’s too racy, Madame Bovary because it promotes women’s rights, and Chrétien de Troyes because it’s, well, chrétien. They refused to accept basic facts of Christian and Jewish history and they rejected outright the existence of pre-Islamic religions in Egypt.


  2. The EU is a dead organization, the socialist policies are killing it and the European governments. Look for worse economic developments in the near and middle term future as the governments keep doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.

  3. Throw these people out of your country they will never never assimilate. They are a drain on the exchequer parasites.

  4. European Union has to be dismantled and muslims who are a drain on resources of these countries shown the door(boot). The debt crises will all but vanish.

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