Mayor of French town flees from anti Gypsy demonstrators

An original translation by Michael Laudahn


Hellemmes ([dÈpartement] 59): The PS mayor  must flee from the anti-roma demonstrators.

This morning, between 150 and 200 persons marched through the streets of Hellemmes, against the project to settle five roma families in town. Mayor FrÈdÈric Marchand had to render accounts.

‘The roma to the mayor! The roma into his garden!’

‘I was almost stoned. I was afraid.’ – the mayor

The demonstrators assembled before the park where the town would set up a centre of incorporation, like at other places in the city. Then, they headed for the mayor’s office, chanting slogans hostile to the roma population. But when they arrived at the townhall, a police detachment barred them from entering.

So the group made a u-turn, trying to find the mayor whose resignation they demand. They finally found him in a municipal saloon, a bit further down the road. The dialogue was lively, FrÈdÈric Marchand was being jostled.

The tone was rising. Several members of the crowd spat [at him], some even kicked. Given this dead end, the mayor wanted to leave, but the demonstrators blocked the way for him. The use of elbows was necessary. While insulting him, participants of the protest march even tried to persecute the mayor when he escaped through a door.

Then, the troup left the municipal saloon. Shortly after, FrÈdÈric Marchand confessed to the press that he was afraid, but still more determined than ever to follow his project through.
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8 Replies to “Mayor of French town flees from anti Gypsy demonstrators”

  1. Remark: My french is sufficient to translate spoken texts if one educated persons speaks at normal speed, doesn’t mumble. In a situation like this one – shouting, mutual interruptions, people scolding etc -, I understand fragments only. Translating fragments wouldn’t be worth the while. Also, we have left out a 1 1/2-min interview with the mayor at the end, where he mumbled so fast that I could understand about 2/3 only.

    I hope you still like what you see, because in this case (description of the event, plus emotional original video), the message should get across also without a detailed translation. And if there is a native french speaker out there who would like to help in situations like this one, why not use the opportunity and say so, so that we can get in touch?

  2. The ordinary Frenchmen are pissed, they are moving to protect themselves and their families, It won’t be long before we see actions like this all over Europe.

  3. Typical they think people are serfs who must do as they’re told. The mayor says he’ll ignore ignore the protests and is ”more determined than ever to follow his project through” So much for democracy..

  4. They nedd to move much faster and in much larger numbers…..if this movement stalls or the French government pulls a Tommy Robinson tactic and they all go home…..well my friends, its game over……this may be their last chance….

    Vive La France!!!

    Vive La Resistance!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  5. The mayor is clearly an ideologue who is determined to inflict great damage on civilised society. Remember the mayor of Toulouse who made similar noises after Mohammed Merah shot 7 Jews.

    These people must be stopped.

    “He was afraid, but still more determined than ever to follow his project through.”

    He should find no sanctuary anywhere in France. Traitors must pay the historical price.

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