Mass Formation Psychosis a con to blame us for elite crimes against the public?

Please watch this with careful attention. This deals with subtle and powerful disinformation techniques that have profound consequences for us all and our civilization. Might even be worth stopping it from time to time and thinking about what is said. But it is certainly worth watching, even if one is not in total agreement with it.

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  1. The Desmet/Malone Ideology of Mass Psychosis Blames the Citizens and Not the Global Predators
    by Peter Breggin MD & Ginger Breggin – August 22, 2022

    Dr. Robert Malone, Knight in Shining Armor or Controlled Opposition?
    by Kelleigh Nelson – January 25, 2022

  2. Everybody who is not silenced is controlled opposition now?

    Of course the sheep are to blame for being sheep. That does not mean the Parasites are not to blame, primarily.

    • First there are two kinds of controlled opposition. The ones who know they are, and the ones who do not.

      I think the problem here is the attempt to blame the sheep for being wolves.

      • Among the sheep, we have mainstream media and police enforcement, and they are wolves.

        Many among the citizen sheep were victims of psychosis. We all saw it when people were masking up on empty streets and in their cars, notwithstanding the lathering of their hands up to their wrists and elbows before entering stores.

        Most of these sheep aren’t fluent in English and/or don’t possess critical thinking abilities. Some also have personality disorders.

        However, I do think Malone is part and parcel of the Big Club.

  3. Stew Peters has sharp elbows when it comes to his interview style but he seems to get close to the unspoken truth. You decide.
    His three interviews with Dr. Robert Malone:

    1. “When is MRNA Not Really MRNA? Dr. Malone Explains Why He’s Not Responsible for Shots” Stew Peters Network – Published April 21, 2022

    2. “MRNA Inventor Faces Tough Questions as Jab Deaths Explode” Stew Peters Network – Published January 4, 2022

  4. 3. “SPECIAL BROADCAST: Dr. Robert Malone On His mRNA Creation”
    Stew Peters Network – Published October 13, 2021

    “Uncensored: Dr. Robert Malone – Shifting Narrative, CCP & Nanotech in the COVID Injections!” The Stew Peters Show – August 24, 2022

  5. -I haven’t read Desmet’s books so I don’t know if Breggin is telling the truth on some details. How does he know Desmet and Malone agreed in advance? Why does he not prove what Desmet said about not going after elites?
    -A “Mass Formation” is not a Line of Effort, but a Desmet coinage?
    -The Mass line was a Mao Zadong invention of political organization and leadership method.
    -A “Mass-line psychosis, or mass-formation psychosis” is a recent modification by Malone, which first came across as an error, but was then seen as a dialectic invention.
    -Stew Peters may be a firehose, but Dr. Peter Breggin sounds most credible laying bare suspicions of people attempting to divert accountability for the last two years’ crimes against humanity. And he suggests, if I understand correctly, any person demanding accountability will be branded psychotic in the great Soviet tradition of weaponized psychiatry. He does not allow for bad or mistaken policies. Everything is intentional–yes! But he does not substantiate suspicions of secret money financing Malone and Desmet, nor does he show us proof of Desmet’s replies to him. Why not?
    -Breggin goes on about terrorized doctors, yet compliant doctors are not terrorized, but complicit. I hear some of them chrping happily on the radio.
    -Fauci is not a “goner” till he’s gone.
    -I accepted Desmet’s description of mass hypnosis, and mass formation, because it offered an explanation for the enabling of the human behavior that has committed historical atrocities. I accepted his description of untethered anxiety.
    – Is it is possible that Peters and Breggin are the disinfo spinners? Can it be they are the shadow power attack dogs sent to cancel Desmet and Malone? Can it be that they are sent to steal the lead of holding the guilty elite to account because Desmet and Malone are the real deal, only then to lead us away from the culprits?

    See where we are?

  6. While it is always valuable to ask discerning questions and use a healthy dose of skepticism, one must also examine & evaluate the lifetime of professional choices, behavior, bedfellows, activities, funding sources, context and activities of each “expert”. Slagging Dr. Peter Breggin with unfounded insinuations shows EITHER a sloppy total absence of background research into the 60+ years professional record of this man, OR an intentional attempt to distract others from learning about him. While “experts” can disagree, Dr. Breggin’s professional ethics and integrity are extraordinary. He single-handedly led the fight to make lobotomies ILLEGAL in the US. As a Harvard-trained MD / Psychiatrist, Breggin has been the most outspoken opponent of the takeover of the field of Psychiatry by Big Pharma with their lucrative, proliferating & largely scientifically fraudulent psychotropic drugs (the “chemical imbalance in the brain” remains unproven to this day and was invented by Marketing, not the scientists.) Dr. Breggin has for years led the fight to return to the least possible use of pharmaceutical drugs and a return to non-medicalized therapies. He has written entire books about the catastrophic medical abuse of vulnerable disadvantaged black children (such as the vicious experiments Fauci funded using helpless black children in state-run foster care and other institutions.) In his 80s, Dr. Breggin came out of retirement to research & fight the encroachments & crimes of the BioSecurity totalitarians of the past few years. You may disagree with Dr. Breggin, but he has a track record of fighting horrific psychiatric & medical abuses. Dr. Breggin is a man of proven courage and great integrity. Dr. Malone’s obsession with the scientifically unproven theories of a hitherto unknown Freudian psychologist lie far outside Malone’s expertise as a research scientist who helped build the mRNA platform. One does not have to agree with Dr. Breggin. But to malign him & cast aspersions willy nilly makes some commenters themselves look like they are peddling an agenda or are simply volunteering to carry water for those who are. Neither Desmet nor Malone have the professional expertise NOR the multi-decade professional track record Breggin has to speak to these issues. That does not make him necessarily correct nor them incorrect. But it does mean one had better bring a strong and valid argument to discredit Breggin’s ideas. Simple ad hominum smear tactics, insinuations, and attempts to raise doubts & imply what one cannot substantiate only reflect badly on the commenter.

    • One of these camps may be vying for Pied Piper status, while the other is genuine. Asking the question who it is is not a dirty question, but a healthy one. What if both are Pied Pipers? Think about that.

      No commenter here “slagged” Dr. Breggin. Academic credentials mean little in terms of credibility in information warfare. In fact touting them, rather than touting what is said, can be detrimental.

      In an attempt to save her life my own mother had a frontal lobotomy. Afterward, when she joked she should have her head examined, I joked back, “But what if they don’t find anything?”

      • Despite the recent debunking, I’m not convinced antidepressant meds should be excluded from the treatment toolbox. Certainly not prescribed promiscuously, but I wouldn’t rule out anything for major psychiatric diseases.

        Major depressive disorder runs on both sides of my family. For starters, my father lost three siblings to suicide. Mum’s side, less dramatic, only one sister died.

        Her cousins availed themselves of the best treatments available at the time. Came to McLean’s from Cuba for talk, meds, shock therapy. I came to know the place well as a visitor.
        These cousins enjoyed long periods of remissions, suffered relapses, then resumed normal life and were blessed with exceptional longevity.

        Eliminating psychotropic medications because the operative chemical mechanism has been disproven is a non-starter for serious cases. More research is necessary to explain why these drugs do, in fact, help some patients some of the time. And what else might be done. This is a work in progress.

        Advocacy orgs for families of the mentally ill aren’t shills for Big Pharma. We’re uniformly horrified by the expansion of legalized euthanasia for depressive disorders. Nothing is more simplistic or demonic than profit/loss decision-making applied to healthcare policy.

        • Lithium for Bi-polar 1 patients saves lives. I know this first hand. Treating mental illness is a practice because nobody knows what works without, unfortunately, experimenting with different meds. Just the way it is from what I’ve seen.

          • I became friends with a couple senior psychopharmacologists at McCleans. Primarily researchers, they did take on a few private patients. They never gave up on anybody, never let us, the family, despair.

            As you say, it’s a practice, doctors have to treat individuals. Ours were keenly aware of the limitations, never lost their humility. These, regarded as among the best in the world.

            I’m personally offended to hear them thrown in a box marked “Corrupt BigPharma Shills”. That smear is becoming too prevalent these days. Another covid “adverse effect”.

  7. BOTH “the elite” and the public are to blame ( but that reality, of course, does not sit well with most members of the ever-naive, ever-ignorant, ever-stupid, ever-non-learning public. So they do what they always do, selfishly — point the finger at “the elite” . Yet ….

    Who do you think goes to war and does the killing (mindless immoral NON-innocent soldiers)?

    Who do you think murders and maims a massive amount of people with toxic Covid shots (mindless immoral NON-innocent doctors and nurses)?

    Who do you think wears useless Covid masks (or puts them on their kids) (mindless immoral NON-innocent people)?

    Who do you think has been spraying crops with toxic pesticides and has been using GMO seeds in their fields (mindless immoral NON-innocent farmers)?

    Who do you think uses life-destroying self-enslaving technologies such cell phones (mindless immoral NON-innocent people)?

    Who do you think trusts, follows, obeys, votes for, and does the dirty work for the governing authorities (mindless immoral NON-innocent people)?

    And on and on…

    • All valid points of course.

      I guess the issue for me, is what do people know.

      I have a special burning anger for doctors and agencies that are suddenly coming out against the shots now that no one is taking them anymore, but where gleefully part of the program when people still would take them.

      The people who really did not know, there has to be some consideration. Guilty knowledge is an important part of the law. And I think the trial of Alec Baldwin may show us the state of that aspect of law soon.

      Still, I am not arguing with you. In a free society, responsibility is hand in hand with rights. But they took away those rights didn’t they? It gets more complex.

      Personally I would have liked to see mass disobedience. Instead what we got is, we learned the nature of our own families and friends who not just sheepishly obeyed these diktats but made pariahs out of those of us who simply questioned the technology and refused it for ourselves.

      This is a hard pill to swallow for sure.

      But if we even hope to get back to a more or less libertarian society made of free individuals, we are gonna have to do a lot of forgiving. And in order to even be in that position, we have to cleave the new layer of narratives that are headed our way to keep us all in fear and states of hatred against our own to benefit the people orchestrating all this.

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