The articulators of knowledge in the West have completely undermined reality

Raymond Ibrahim’s testimony to the US House of Representatives Human Rights Committee; on Shariah, Dhimmitude & the Copts; is a moving and eloquent absolute must watch.

In fifteen short minutes Mr Ibrahim amply demonstrates how the contemporary persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt is a direct mirror of identical suffering meted out to his people for the fourteen previous centuries, using historical sources to back up his case.

This is no “accidental aberration” he conclusively proves, by pointing to the Quranic injunctions – the literal commands of god – that instruct Muslims to behave in the ways that lead to the inevitable suffering of any non-Muslim who falls under the reach of Islam’s power.

He also delves persuasively and depressingly into the historical events, and current dangerously misguided modes of thought (from history classes to the media), which have conspired to erect the “intellectual hurdles” that make unintelligible to a contemporary audience…

“…something that is fourteen hundred years old and is so obvious to anyone who has studied it or looked at it.

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  1. The main problem is what he has pointed out, lack of knowledge of history and what Islam really stands for, education is the answer but given the hold the left has on the educational systems it will be a long hard fight.

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