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7 Replies to “Iranian Hypno-toads in Vancouver”

  1. I think we should let more people like them into europe.It will feel like the medievil flaggelists are walking down our streets again ………………………..Nut jobs!

  2. . . ., the goose steps, the Nazi salute, the Sieg Heil chant, kamikazi pilots, now the self slappers. . . all mindless sheep signs of a brainless society. So discouraging.

  3. Richard

    Have you seen them whipping themselves, cutting their scalps, and even that of their children. Blood and gore everywhere.

    Satanic is the only thought that comes to mind.

  4. No chairs, no music, no alcohol, no women, their mouths move and make zombie like sounds while gesturing with their hands. Of course, there could be more to this but there is no point in trying to understand, it is just too much for human endurance! What a dreary lot!

  5. no DP111 I haven’t seen that, I really don’t either, masochism isn’t my thing. But it looks like we can add that to pedophilia to the Moslems list of perversions.

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