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2 Replies to “David Mamet: “NY Times is as Biased as the Day is Long””

  1. Off hand, there is no one I can think of who would sit atop the New York liberal arts Jewish intellectual tree to a greater extent than David Mamet – and now he’s actually seen the light and moved to the right. Wow! I’m going to enjoy telling a few people I know about this and watching the looks on their faces as they try to paint David Mamet as an inbred hillbilly mouthbreather, or whatever clever little name they prefer that day for vilifying conservatives.
    This will cost Obama some Jewish votes and some Hollywood votes. What’s next? Brad Pitt goes conservative? Steven Speilberg goes conservative? We can dream…

  2. We have gotten a very powerful ally, may he spread the word to many others who will also join in the fight to remain free.

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