Britain handed out 204,000 passports to foreign nationals, latest figures reveal

It may be wise to stop all British immigration for a while as well till they, if they get their house in order.

From The Daily Mail:

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 4:18 PM on 11th June 2011

In demand: Figures have revealed that 203,600 British passports were given to foreign nationals in 2009 - up 57 per cent on the previous yearIn demand: Figures have revealed that 203,600 British passports were given to foreign nationals in 2009 – up 57 per cent on the previous year

Britain gave citizenship to the highest number of foreign nationals in Europe, new research has found.

A total of 203,600 foreign nationals were awarded British citizenship in 2009 – that is 50 per cent more than second-placed France and more than double the number in Germany.

The figures, from the EU statistics body Eurostat, followed predictions that Britain could become the most populated EU country by 2060 – with 79 million people.

UK passports were given to one in four of the 776,000 new citizens entering the EU in 2009.

The EU saw an 11 per cent rise on the number of people entering the euro zone from the previous year.

The 203,600 people who entered Britain was a 57 per cent increase on the 129,300 who came in 2008.

Critics have said the figures revealed that Labour’s immigration policies had left borders ‘wide open’.

Ukip’s home affairs spokesman Gerard Batten told the Daily Express: ‘These figures show how Labour’s uncontrolled, unlimited immigration policy is coming home to roost.

‘David Cameron must get a grip and introduce radical policies to halt mass immigration.’

The Prime Minister has said wants to cut net immigration to the ‘tens of thousands’.
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12 Replies to “Britain handed out 204,000 passports to foreign nationals, latest figures reveal”

  1. One definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, Britain is letting people in faster then they can be assimilated and compounding the stupidity they are letting in people who have no intention of assimilating.

  2. None of this will change till we are out of the EU.

    We wont be able to get out of this and other messes till we leave the EU. Since we joined the EEC in 1973, bamboozled and lied to by PM Heath, and then consistently lied to by a succession PMs, we have been in the wilderness. Lets hope its only forty years in the wilderness i.e., another 2 years more. Hopefully the coalition falls apart in the next two years, and we then have the sense NOT to vote for any combination of LibLabCon.

    So I predict, by 2013 or 2014 latest, we will be out of the EU.

  3. On seeing how the Japanese people pulled together as a mainly mono culture I fear the politically engineered eugenic fractured poly-culture that has been created in the UK will quickly breakdown to anarchy along socio-politico,economic and ethnic lines.Our jobs have been exported to china and India.We are living the capitalist dream on credit which is quickly running out.Our prime minister keeps trying to foster some kind of phoney civic unity in a country that has never in it`s history been more divided.Even in the civil war the opponents shared a common culture.The dream is about to shatter. I think even the politically aware middle classes are realizing we have major problems. The children of the wealthy who would normally have good employment prospects or attain virtually guaranteed university places are finding themselves with neither.And even if they get into Uni their are no jobs.And yet the tidal wave of immigration continues.The only thing I see on the horizon is a new Balkanisation of Europe.The only question is which European country will be first?
    We now (thanks to the labour government) have around 3 million more mouths to feed.They all want education,housing,jobs,healthcare,translation services,protected legal status, religious buildings and special treatment.While our own old folk cannot afford heating; 25,400 in England and Wales, plus 2,760 in Scotland died from cold related illness in 2010 in caring socialist Britain.These are the people who fought Nazism to provide a better world!.Yet thanks to Camoron we are spending 12 billion on foreign aid partly to the worlds greatest economic power China , too India for it`s space missions and to Pakistan in the hope they will not terrorize us.
    And to top it all off we have nuclear Iran frantically working toward nuclear Armageddon, the final war!

  4. Other numbers I’ve happen to seen lately is 196000 year 2006, and that there was an increase to 25×000 (254000?) last year, despite that the government had promised to reduce the numbers.

    But they promise to do something here:

    But the British government also recently made an inventory on, I think some immigrants the last decades, and among about 450 000 “only” 40 000 was decided to be deported. But I’m not so sure if that is “only”. I guess most of them are good assimilated immigrants during this time, and deporting people I think should be the very last alternative under special conditions. An article:

  5. David Cameron has had one year in power, but he had only about 6 month 2010 to affect immigration statistics that year, but july to december virtually nothing happened? Now he must deliver.

    Are the liberals, the coalition partner, a problem? They are not that strong…? They got to accept a combination of for maybe some of their voters provocatively largely reduced immigration combined with better (assimilating) integration policies. Cameron got to present results now.

  6. Our politicians no longer represent us,they are subservient to the rules and regulations
    Of the European Union. Our legal system is dominated by control from the EU; over
    80% of our laws now emanate from this monolithic monstrosity.
    Unfortunately, our political leaders become intoxicated with the world stage and performing on it becomes more important than the people they purport to represent
    and are quite prepared to dilute our country’s identity to become a state within the
    future United States of Europe and ultimately an integral part of the “New World Order”.
    This is why our governments, both Labour and Tory, have acquiesced in an open door
    immigration policy to the detriment of the indigenous people and the inevitable
    disastrous consequences.

  7. The Common Market was a good idea, the trouble is that the far left used it to form the EU so they could impose an unelected socialist government on Europe. Yes it is unelected, the bureaucrats who can’t be removed for any reason are the ones now running the EU, they are backing the massive immigration so the patriotism that remains in Europe can be diluted and destroyed. In their quest to establish a one world government they are coming close to destroying civilization for several centuries. The Europeans need to wake up to reality and start defending their cultures and nations against the foreign invasion and the internal traitors that are destroying civilization.

  8. It would be a sad day if uncontrolled immigration from the east caused some of the European nations to end up like turkey or any other backward eastern /oriental countries.

  9. Those greedy immoral immigrants from asia, middle east and africa who are more concerned about making money or buying up the western world are obviously contributing to the deterioration of the western morals and the weakening of western culture as a result of massive nonwhite immigration or nonwhite negative cultural influence or pressure from unpleasant nonwhites.
    European should take take back the ownership of it s own European countries and protect its decent western heritage, decent western culture and decent western values from being swamped by asian, middle eastern, african and other nonwhite people.

  10. And perhaps, it is better to do away with passports and instead have travel cards for travellers who wish to travel.

  11. I think the situation with immigration is so far gone that the west needs to start thinking of enclaves of white people. I think this is the natural progression from what is happening to the cities with large muzzie men etc populations. I noticed this in the great country of the UK which I “enrich” as a third world unskilled immigrant. Living in the heart of ghetto means one does not leave one’s little enclave a great deal. However, venturing out from this zone of comfort means one sees a new world in the villages of the UK. Every one is white and there is not a polish accent, brown muzzie accent etc to be heard. I must say one feels very alien in such places and a little relieved to leave them. The ghetto is home. The Polish shops, the takeaway fast food restaurants, the third world outfits etc. Getting back to the other word of which I will never be a part, the english in these villages live among their own kind. Even the MSM have noticed this and have produced an all English show that hilights the reality. It is called Midsummer Murders. It is a highly popular detective show set in an affluent village in Buckingham. Not one non-white face or foreign accent has ever been on the show. Naturally the PC crowd are not happy with the show and have put some pressure on them but it remains popular and true to its original format as the producers say they are reflecting the reality of life in Village England. Moving on to America now a black man produced a book called Whitetopia which hilights the fact that many towns in the US have no foreign accents or dark faces whatsoever. Village England, Whitopia are the way to go. However, the downside of this is that the poorer whites in the ghettos need to get on with us enrichers and that is a problem. Often quite witless they end up being further removed from their white brethern in Whitopia and the english villages by mixing with us enrichers socially. This is natural but a sad way to treat the poor whites who get treated so badly by the government that their votes elected. These poor whites have been abandoned to us enrichers and they deserve better. They need to aspire to emigrate to the English Villages or to Whitetopia in the states instead they get used to hanging out with the us the dregs of the third world. Some stupid whites even convert to Islam and start lecturing me! The insanity! So the new barriers are now white, affluent and educated villages and white affluent and educated towns. Welcome to Whitetopia, whether in England or the States you can find a tranquil peaceful land to call all your own IF you meet the requirements. If you do not then you can bitch about it on Stormfront or just forget about everything and just get drunk with us the enrichers as the Gates of Vienna blog routinely refers to us. We enrichers are always up for a party.

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