French documentary on Islamic conquest of the world

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  1. No offense to secularists but the guy toward the end had it right: if all you have to live for is your society, as is the case of most Europeans for decades now, you cannot and will not prevail against an enemy who is willing to die for a god. Especially when that society has exhausted the fumes of prior religious belief that once made it unconquerable, and even without the enemy of Islam has coasted to a moral stop and has begun to ossify and decay from within.

    Sorry, Europe. Remember your past and fight it off NOW or you’re done. Time and demographics are against you. What do you have in your favor?

  2. “In the world it is called Tolerance, but in hell it is called Despair, the sin that believes in nothing, cares for nothing, seeks to know nothing, interferes with nothing, enjoys nothing, hates nothing, finds purpose in nothing, lives for nothing, and remains alive because there is nothing for which it will die.”

    Dorothy L. Sayers quote

  3. Perhaps this situation is hopeless. Perhaps the West’s vitality went out with the waning of Christianity. But before we all give up in despair, I would like to see how the ordinary people would react if they at least knew about this threat. As it is, the vast majority of people are labouring under the delusion that we are fighting a small group of radicals who have perverted the course of the peaceful religion of Islam. It you believe that, you can believe that the problem is solvable, a matter of education, a big misunderstanding. I would like the people to be asked, at least once before we go under, “Do you want the world to become Islamic? Are you prepared to live under Saria Law? As far as I know, no one has really put it to us like that. Perhaps one day people will ask themselves that question and then they will respond with their fists. Those Islamic prayer sessions need to be broken up by a crowd of, say, 250,000 pissed-off Frogs. That’s what it’s going to take. That’s what it’s going to take!

  4. This video shows both the hope and the despair, the fact that this video was made shows that people are waking up, the fact that the man at the end was talking about how there is no hope shows what the self proclaimed elite has driven us to. The left set out to destroy Christianity and has done a good job of it in Europe, I suspect but don’t know for a fact, that there are more Christians in Europe then are willing to admit their religion due to leftist discrimination. Yes we have to fight, if we don’t fight we can’t win, and from what the news stories are showing the tide is turning in Europe, Canada and the US. Yes we are facing massive problems and will have to fight a long time, but if we don’t give up we will win. One of the problems we have is that currently the West doesn’t have a leader, Obama won’t lead anywhere that will save the West and the other national leaders (with the possible exception of Merkal) (sp?) are too concerned with their own power to see what is happening. If the predictions I am reading about a massive economic troubles hitting later this year things are going to change very quickly. Look for more student protests that under the right circumstances stand a good chance of turning into civil wars through out all of Europe.

  5. just felt like translating what the radio host (5:35)says. note, that neither french nor english are my mother tongue and i am no translator, so there are still gaps and it’s not professionally done.
    5:50 (We are not bound by a cosmopolitarian logic), we are [talking about?] antisemitism, hatred of the foreign, we are not [talking about?] a pacifist logic here.
    5:55 We defend the death sentence, the strangling of infidels etc
    5:58 Hence there is the need to read (they cut the sentence)
    5:59 (tough one with that music in the background, i admit, he talks about people’s opinion towards liberties and dogmas, the other person then brings in the question of integration and truth(s).
    6:09 Hence i don’t have anything against the muslims. I have nothing to charge them with. I blame it on Islam. (other person agrees, calling it the problem)
    6:13 (In contrary of what we are talking about today?) Islam is not a religion of peace, tolerance and love, that is not true.

    Let’s see how the French handle this affair, pay a visit to the country and you’ll see what the situation actually looks like over there.

  6. “As it is, the vast majority of people are labouring under the delusion that we are fighting a small group of radicals who have perverted the course of the peaceful religion of Islam.”

    True — but WHY do they believe that?

    Because their own governments and media have conspired to convince them that is the case.

    So to see this situation through, the patriots of Europe are going to have to realize that if any threat to their freedoms is dealt with first, it will have to be the elements among their own peoples and governments who’ve long worked against them. I would imagine that’s going to be the more difficult task of the two, even more difficult than dealing with the Muslim invaders, but it’s the more immediate one. I just don’t see how they can deal with the Muslims without fundamentally altering their own leadership first.

  7. gorgo you are right, it is always hard to root out collaborators, although most ot the French politicians are more appeasers instead of collaborators. It will take a long hard political fight to root them out, and even then they will remain a danger.

  8. “most ot the French politicians are more appeasers instead of collaborators.”

    In a fight for the survival of your culture, is there really a difference between the two?

  9. Yes and no, yes there is because the appeasers motives are different and they honestly think they are helping keep the peace and preserve their culture. No in that the results of their actions are the same, but after the matter is settled you put collaborators on trial and simply fire appeasers. The distinction is trivial and yet important, a few years ago there was an effort to humanize the collaborators with the Nazi’s that were on the British channel islands, I haven’t managed to force myself to set through the entire TV series yet so I don’t know how it ended. Yes healthy young girls were going out with German soldiers, some of whom were Nazi’s (not all Germans were but they still fought for the Nazi’s.) but they were still going on dates and in some cases sleeping with the enemies of their nation and of civilization. I am not sure what was done to them after the war but it probably wasn’t pretty. Chamberlain on the other hand really thought he had achieved a lasting peace and the only punishment he suffered was being removed from office and history calling him a fool.

  10. In addition to Abd ar-rahman comment
    (I’m sorry my english is not good, but here is my contribution )
    0:35 to be governed by the Word of Allah
    0:43 with this, we believe everything we are told because of the action of immigration, demography and conversions
    2:50 They say indeed that the western society is a decadent one (…) not only are we in your home but, even more, we insult you (…)
    3:20 Myrha Street is closed by Islamist and people pray in the street, shops have to close (meanwhile),
    3:43 Is a woman allowed to ride a bike ?
    3:48 Do I have to divorce if my husband decides to stop praying ? Do I have to leave the table if (…)
    4:10 restaurants >>> canteens/staff cafeterias
    4:18 only we did not do it gently, we did not do it calmly
    4:37 Yes, IT IS a war … because otherwise (…)
    4:41 religions eat everything, because otherwise religion is politics/political
    5:14 will become muslim. Of course yes !
    5:29 All muslim societies have been integrative societies, global, globalising, total, tolalising, not to say totalitarian.
    5:38 If you read the Q’ran (…)
    5:42 we are not at all in a Republican logic, we are in a non-egalitarian logic, we are not in a feminist but misogynous logic, phallocrat, We are not in a cosmopolitan logic but in anti-semitism, hatred of the “other one”, we are not in a pacifist logic,
    5:56 death sentence, we defend the beheading of infidels
    6:00 – So you have to read, today many are those who take liberties with texts and dogmas …
    -but, by the way, these texts were written a long time ago …
    – yes, precisely, so don’t make of them the truth of today
    I have nothing against Muslims, nor reproaches. I criticise Islam, Islam is indeed not a religion of peace, tolerance and love.
    6:32 mosque. Among praises to Allah,
    7:19 It is a fight for mankind, it is not a fight for any reason
    7:33 homosexuality, comments are a come back to the darkest ages of History.
    7:46 do we kill them ? with a sabre, (…)
    7:50 that should seem inhuman is only a way to rid (…)
    7:53 noxious people who lead to the ruin of mankind
    8:00 if tomorrow France becomes muslim, sharia of course would take the reins
    8:08 these values you have conquered after a long struggle
    9:05 We know, (he refers to Hegel)

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