CBN does an exceptional primer on Iquan, or the Islamic Brotherhood.

Frankly, this is something that most readers of Vlad will already have some idea about, if not know as much as is here in this excellent informative and well produced video by the Christian Broadcast Network. Erick stakelbeck does his usual thorough job of investigation and explanation and it begs the question. Why is a small Christian media outfit doing the job the large media giants simply will not do, FOX not withstanding.

My guess is, a combination of editorial cowardice, and editorial disbelief that these issues are as presented here, as well as fear of a far left government in the US shutting down any media that might present Islam in a bad light much as it appears to be doing to the CIA and FBI.

In any case, please enjoy this expose on the Islamic Brotherhood in the US and in general, and spread the link to all who need to know this.

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  1. Yep, I bet that all American presidents from now on will be Muslim. Seriously, it doesn’t take a majority – just get a few in key positions and a country can be transformed. Look at Lebanon and Syria – former Christian countries. It starts in city governments – seemingly benign isn’t it?. In Israel, Nazareth (in Israel proper) has transformed by steady advance of Islamists in city government to the point where it’s now an Arab city. Rotterdam is gone.

    And we are now trying to prosecute Koran-burners, enforced by our own Sharia enforcement divisions.

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