Infantile and horribly offensive – the FO’s insult to the Pope is a dismal reflection of what Britain’s become

From Melanie Phillips.

Has someone been slipping some kind of illegal substance into the Foreign Office officials’ tea?

In preparing for the Pope’s visit to Britain later this year, British diplomats circulated a memo which put forward a bizarre and highly offensive list of ‘ideal’ ways in which Benedict XVI might occupy his time in Britain, as well as other events to mark his visit.

These included launching a range of ‘ Benedict’ condoms and inviting the Pope to open an abortion clinic or bless a gay marriage.

The diplomats also suggested he might launch a helpline for abused children, apologise for the Spanish Armada or sing a song with the Queen for charity.


Pope Benedict XVIOffence: Pope Benedict XVI is considering calling off his scheduled visit to Britain

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5 Replies to “Infantile and horribly offensive – the FO’s insult to the Pope is a dismal reflection of what Britain’s become”

  1. What she meant to say is that the UK is now Britainistan, the Nanny State.

    The government there has appeased Muslims to the point where extremism is rampant, the regular citizens are treated like criminals and CCTV cameras have sprung up everywhere in the name of a bogus security.

    The government has destroyed the UK with its shameless vote grabbing and reduction of civil rights.

    Time for the V for Vendetta people to rise again and show the world that the UK still has some people who are willing to fight for freedom.

    May the EDL prevail in the Uk.

  2. Can you imagine a group of officials making such suggestions, light-hearted or not, about Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or other minorities associated with the Third World?

    Certainly not about mahoundians, that’s for sure… In Britain, no one would ever have dared to suggest that, on one of those visits sponsored by Red Ken Livingstone, Yusuf al-Qrapadawi be taken to a brand-new clitoris-chopping clinic, or a pick-your-child-bride kindergarten to cut a red ribbon for a grand opening. Though Qrapadawi is currently banned from entering the UK and the US (from the latter, due to Buraq Hussein’s mahoundian-outreach surrender gestures, one can only wonder for how long), such a situation would be unimaginable today or when it (not he) wasn’t barred from getting its pig hooves on British soil.

  3. The Roman Catholic church desrves to be utterly ridiculed and treated with contempt. Its priest rape children and their crimes are hidden by the RC Hierarchy.
    By the way Melanie Phillips, the author of the article above has about as much rationality and does as much research as a lunatic.

  4. Robert Denby – you are a moron of the first order.
    You seem to think that every kind of condemnation is absolutely ALL OKAY as long as it is flung at the Catholic Church. Would your cowardly self even dare to draw a matchstick man and name him Mohammed? Only cowards like you come out in force to fling mud at the RC church and the Pope but never, NEVER at muslims. Coward !!!
    You know you are perfectly safe throwing stones at the RCs and so you mouth off your rubbish. Coward.

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