The Myth of ‘stolen Palistinian Land’

It is my opinion that, as it has been said in the past, “Truth is the first casualty of war.” as such, the current war on the Jews waged world wide and especially hard at Western universities, it is widely accepted that the ‘Jews’ have perpetuated some kind of injustice on the Arab or Muslim peoples of the general area of Israel. Below, is a trailer for a fantastic documentary on exactly this subject. I post this as a kind of preview, as it is my expectation, that tonight or tomorrow, I will be uploading a documentary from French CBC in Canada, about the ‘Israel Lobby’ and how disproportionately powerful it is.

I have not yet seen it, but from what I have heard, it is the kind of ‘gas-in-the-truck on the way to Chrystal Nacht’ one would expect in pre war Germany.

This was shown on Canadian State TV, although granted, the sitting government does not directly influence what CBC shows when it is a conservative government.

In any case, its good to post a little truth now and again, and while we are still allowed to.

More trailers from the same director can be seen here at Pierre Rehov’s site

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4 Replies to “The Myth of ‘stolen Palistinian Land’”

  1. between 1887 and 1922 (or thereabouts), Jewish settlers drained thousands of hectares of land for farming, turning once barren swamp land into true oases.

    Most of the Muslim Arabs were sheep and goat herders who thought the Jews were crazy to do what they did.

    The PA is still clining to the myths that their ancestors did not benefit from this at all.

    Kufar and proud.

  2. The Quebecois have so much influence on Canada, due to thefact that so many prime ministers ahve come from Quebec and that ourflag is really about Quebec – how much maple syrup is from the ROC ? – that one can easily make the case that perhaps 40% – 50% of our public debt is due to appeasing Quebec.

    How dare they engage in jew baiting? I will have to see the doc to prove what I just said but for sure, people who live in glass houses ( glass from the ROC) ,,,,

  3. Arab Govts created this palestinian mess, to rot in refugee camps in lebanon for example.

    So why must the west finance UNRWA? The arabs have the oil, let them finance the mess they created.

    And as far as that duplicit King Abdalla of Jordan, do not get me started!

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