Norwegian TV pulls clip from youtube

Here is an interesting little 16 minute video essay about a white Norwegian family that decided to live the multicultural experiment using their son as a Guinea pig.  A youtuber who goes by TheThirdLink decided it was important enough to subtitle in English and post to youtube.

The Norwegian TV station that did this clip made youtube take it down, but interestingly none of the other clips that this same user also had from the station.

In any case it is an important clip. Please watch and spread the link to all you know before it gets pulled from where it is now. Also, please download it for yourselves, if you know how, so that it can be mirrored in future and perhaps sent by email as a smaller clip.

Eeyore for Vlad.

Thanks again to TheThirdLink for contacting me and sending this file:

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10 Replies to “Norwegian TV pulls clip from youtube”

  1. Wonder how her ideology is going to take it when she’s gang raped by some young Muslims, taught at birth to consider her a)less than human, and b)a blond slut.
    Sure hope she appreciates she’s going to be taking one for the home team.

    This article makes it sound like the only people willing to give ground, compromise, and change there ways of thinking and interacting are white people. It makes it look like multi cultural societies are a one way street, that only favour ethnics. That can’t be right, can it?

  2. It was painful enough watching it the first time it was posted here. I had to walk away from the computer because I found the boy’s spineless/emotionally muzzled father repugnant. All that was missing was the leash.

  3. That explains a lot about what’s going on in Norway. What a couple of idiots using their son as a guinea pig. The woman particularly should be ashamed.

  4. This video is a too rare but excellent whitness of what happen to children in foreign environnement that has become their own country.
    Could you Please explain how to insert it in my blog ?

    This video prouves that without ideology, people and children are naturally attracted by people or children who look like them.
    In french we say “Who look alike, go together”.

  5. Tancrede, when you click the play tab, an embed link should appear at the top. Click that and grab the code, and paste it into your blog in HTML mode.
    Hope that helps…


  6. From my owen experience as a christian born Egyptian, i understand Elias and his family. I was confronted with the same accusations, i was hit many times not for any guilt but only for being christian!!! It’s Islam not the people who created that kind of racism.
    when you think that most of those immigrants are refeugees and that could finally find the welfare, prosperity,safe and freedom which they didn’t have in thier owen countries, and instead of being grateful they are destroying the harmony of the society by the devil principles of their f*** Quran.
    I live in europe now. and i’ll never go back to live in Egypt, and i’ll teach my childeren in the right age that islam in the biggest danger to the humanity.

  7. This makes you so angry to see this, how much is the white man going to put up with until he says enough is enough?? That poor little lad should never have gone through that living nightmare and those parents need their heads banged together for thinking that multi-culturalism would ever have worked and inflicted it on their son.

  8. Tancrede thanks for the heads up. With a little luck, sometime in the next hour, it should be found back here above.

    Please check back in shortly.

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