Why Would I Care About The Ivory Coast?

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What does the Ivory Coast have to do with the EDL: what does mass Muslim immigration and subversion of democracy have to do with a civil war?

Here’s another example of the mainstream media completely hiding the real reasons for a conflict from the masses. I could be kind and say they’re just stupid, or I could be correct and say they’re terrified of what will happen when people know the truth. If you knew that the Ivory Coast in 1957 had about a 20% Muslim population and that today it is over 50%. If you then knew that the supposedly democratically elected new leader is Muslim while the old one is Christian, do you think those facts might be important? Have you heard that on the BBC?

And if anyone can find any mention of the Islam vs Christianity element of this civil war on the BBC, do let us know.

The following is taken from a leading counter Jihad blog: Sultan Knish.

There is a civil war in the Ivory Coast between Muslims and Christians. Unsurprisingly the EU has chosen to back the Muslim side. France is using armed force to insure that the Muslims take over.

Islam came to the Ivory Coast via Berber slave traders. Now it is trying to take over with mass murder and the backing of the ‘international community’. The post-colonial Ivory Coast was a success story. But Muslim immigration has turned it into a nightmare. Continue Reading →