A new Poppy to support Canadian Veterans

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a casual dinner with some members of the Freedom Community, which included some Canadian veterans. It is alway satisfying to discover people with whom you have no connection but have put the pieces together in nearly identical ways to yourself, to form an understanding which is not based on information people get from the usual channels. People from the medical, military, religious and farming communities who all through their own expertise and experience have discovered what regular readers to this site have a pretty good understanding.

One of the subjects that came up in conversation was the relationship between veterans, and the organization meant to serve them, The Canadian Legion.

Many years ago, at a local watering hole, I had the opportunity to speak with people at the Legion’s head office. Even 15 years ago or more, the suspicion that the Legion didn’t really serve the cause of veterans was at least an inkling, but nothing like it became during Covid when the Legion Halls blocked all veterans and their families if they had not taken the experimental clot shots. The often deadly mRNA injections. At that point I swore off support of them forever. But back in the day just the approach to selling poppies was curious. That you could not get a better one with a bulldog to hold it to your coat which meant you or your kids or your dog might step on the pins as they fell out of your jacket a couple of times a day, all to make you go buy more of them. But that is a minor irritation compared to how they acted during Covid.

More recently it has become common to speak about “agency capture”. How clearly the various Colleges of Surgeons and Physicians have become something very very different in purpose and effect than they were. Once, the Colleges, like the Law Societies and other regulatory bodies, were meant to keep a profession honest and serve the public. Now they are captured by what we may as well call Marxists as the effect is indistinguishable from a communist state. In other words, the regulatory bodies now serve the state at the expense of the public and the profession.

And so it goes with the Legion. And so at this recent meeting at a wonderful out of the way location, some veterans announced a new initiative. To retake the Poppy from the Legion and ask the public to show direct support to the Veterans by getting and wearing a newly designed poppy. As it turns out, the Legion has taken total control of the symbol, making it more about the agency than about the veterans. Sound familiar? Yeah a little. Like everything else since what we may as well admit was a communist revolution across much of the West and certainly North America.

Below is the actual release with an image of the new poppy from the Veteran’s Group:

One can get this poppy and other materials to support the actual veterans without going through what increasingly looks like captured middlemen at this Web address: https://blackbirdindustries.ca/ and The Veterans 4 Freedom page: https://veterans4freedom-merch.myshopify.com/


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  1. Not so much captured by Marxists as captured by the personality disordered and psychopathic. Currently, the various marxist-related “theories” are being used to underpin what they do. At other times, they may use other “theories.”

    I find it simpler to say that aggressive power hogs have taken over everything. And they don’t mind cheating and bullying (or worse) to get where they want to go. Some even prefer cheating and bullying over honesty and fair play.

    We should quit complaining about them and band together. You cannot have a moral society where the moral are fragmented and unwilling to stand by each other.

  2. I’ll do that. Although, we’re on a stampede to Forget to Never Forget, and we’ll Do Never Again Again. I have been distanced by the shenanigans and politicking of the Legion executive for decades.
    Also – JunnyU rejoices! – last comment, anywhere. The surveillance by the state, and the soon to roll out kerb-stomping style of repression requires activation of the next phase of the Op Plan.
    Writing and voting and obeying the rules are for victims, soon to be piling up a big hole in the woods. It’s time to switch to the war reserve modes.
    So, do check out those gook ICBM fields, and ask your self why Xi told his generals to be ready for war in ’27, and ask why the gooks need 8000 heavy weight thermonuclear warheads on a hair trigger, stacked flank to flank in a non-survivable launch field.
    It isn’t deterrence, or second strike.
    Adios! and Good Hunting.

      • I am a Legion Member and I fully support our Veterans. People miss the most important part of the corruption at the Executive Level of the Legion. Don’t you find it odd that a Charitable Organization absolutely refuses to release any Finacial information on Executive Salaries,perks or benefits? What are they hiding? Isn’t it also odd that the Exutive Level take their entire families with them to “Conferences” in the winter months to exotic locales? The Executive Level of the RCL is as corrupt as the Liberal Party.

  3. ( 1963 ) Scenda l’oblio – Fall Oblivion

    at 1:20 – ” Look, the wall for our villa should be exactly like this one, simple, with only roof tiles on the top … ”

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