Speaking with James Topp as he approaches Ottawa

For the background and story details, please see:

March For Freedom: Veteran James Topp is the Hero Canada Needs to End Government Overreach (Exclusive Interview)

Some updates on this story:

If you want to join the march:
 •  For the day: Please come to the beginning location for the day (find it by checking the location on GPS Live link on www.canadamarches.com) and to have a recovery vehicle set should you need to depart before the end of day.
 •  For multiple days. Please state the period, where you are, where you intend to join us. We are limited in our ability to expand our on the ground team. You will need to arrange for your own accommodations, support vehicle (RV, camper) as we will not be able to accommodate such requests.
 • Include in your email your plan and intent if you desire a response, as well subject line: “Attn: Joining the march for 1 day” or “Attn: Joining the march for multiple days
 For Donations and Merch Shop. You can send donations as e-transfers to this address (canadamarches@protonmail.com). We aim to have the Merch shop up and running by June 10. At that point you will be able to purchase CM t-shirts and make donations with your VISA.

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