Bundeswehr: Asylum Seekers Are Urinating on Female Refugees

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From this German Website

ERFURT. The Bundeswehr has filed complaints about unsustainable conditions for asylum seekers in Erfurt. They write of repeated sexual harassment and men urinating on the floors, in an internal report by the leading sanitation officers of the Territorial Task Commando that has been labeled ‘classified’.

In the document the appointed custodial sanitation medic of the Bundeswehr reports that “the halls are being cleaned twice a day. Yet the condition of the floors is not OK in my view, because garbage is being thrown on the floors over and over again. It is routine for men to urinate in whatever corner they find. In the sleeping accommodations it has become a daily occurrence that single women are being urinated on by male persons from other countries, even as the women are sleeping. Sexual harassment occurs daily.”

Bundeswehr Confirms Report

The Bundeswehr has confirmed the authenticity of the report to Junge Freiheit. “This report exists,” says the leading authority of the Territorial Task Commando of the Bundeswehr, Lieutenant-Colonel, Ingo Kunze. At this time there is an investigation into who reported these conditions.

“Should the conditions in this facility indeed be as alleged in the report, then the responsibility for such conditions lies with the operators of the facility under their healthcare system.”

State Administration Does Not Know of Such Incidents

Within the Thüringer State Administration that is responsible for the facility in Erfurt, such conditions are a surprise. “Up until now we have not heard of any such incidents,” says the spokeswoman for the Administration when Junge Freiheit asked her. However, on location it is the Red Cross that is caring for the Asylum seekers. “They are the ones running that operation,” says the spokeswoman.

The Mass hall was converted two weeks ago into a refugee facility. At the moment, according to the Thüringer State Administration, it holds 760 asylum seekers. “But this is only temporary, because the hall will be needed for Mass again,” says the spokeswoman.

14 injured during a mass brawl among refugees.

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From Welt.De

In a tent city in Kassel-Calden hundreds of refugees attacked each other with sticks and tear gas, resulting in  14 wounded, including three policemen. It took hours before the  situation came  under control.

(Video in German at site)


On Sunday 14 people  including three policemen were injured during mass brawls in a  refugee camp in  Kassel-Calden. Several hundred people of different nationalities took part in the fights that lasted several hours according to police reports tonight. The refugees attacked each, other among other things, with sticks and teargas.
During the evening, the police tried  to find a temporary home for one of the two ethnic groups involved in order to pacify the situation in the tent city. Up to 50 police officers were deployed  on the site of the old airport Calden.
According to a police spokesman, it started at noon with a tussle between  two residents during the food distribution at the meal counter .This dispute then  triggered a confrontation between two groups of two nationalities in the early afternoon. Around 60 people from each side attacked each other. Eight people were injured. Initially, the police managed to  calm the situation.
1500 refugees from about 20 nations:
During the  evening, the violence escalated once again. This time, 70 on one side and 300 people on the opposite side confronted each other, according to the police spokesman. Tear gas was sprayed by both groups.Three residents and three police officers were injured.
Only after several hours did the police manage to bring the situation under control. There were no arrests. Several people who tried  to escape  the violence and were seeking protection, fled to the outside and remained there until the evening.
 According to the police, around 1,500 refugees from approximately 20 nations  are housed in the accommodation in Calden . Just two weeks ago several  refugees had attacked each other  with tear gas. Then, around 60 of them, including children, were injured.
Admission controls do not exist in Kassel-Calden as they do in other refugee camps. The contracted security company has not yet  commented on the incidents.


They strike again, a different batch though.


Deadly blasts shake Syrian capital

Published on Jun 11, 2013

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Two suicide bombers have struck the heart of the Syrian capital Damascus, killing at least 14 people and wounding at least 31 others, pro-government television channel al-Ikhbariya has reported.

Al Jazeera’s Rula Amin reports live from neighbouring Beirut, Lebanon.

Rockets hit Hizb’allah in Lebanon, probably fired from Al Qaeda in Syria

NY Times:


Two wounded men were treated on Sunday by their friends after two rockets hit their houses in Beirut.

Published: May 26, 2013 at 6:00 AM ET

BEIRUT — A pair of rockets slammed into a car dealership and a residential building in strongholds of Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia in southern Beirut on Sunday, wounding four people and raising fears that Syria’s civil war is increasingly spreading into Lebanon.

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Lebanon’s sectarian divide mirrors that of Syria, and Lebanese armed factions have taken sides in their neighbor’s civil war.

There was no claim of responsibility for Sunday’s attack. However, a Syrian rebel commander threatened earlier this week to strike against Hezbollah strongholds in retaliation for the militia’s military support for Syrian President Bashar Assad. Hezbollah is a Shiite Muslim group, while most of the rebels are Sunnis.

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Problems Will Disappear if Ahmadiyah Disappear, Says West Java Governor

I find this attitude doubly offensive, both as a tautological argument, (The only true religion is on this napkin and I know this to be true because it says so right here on this napkin) offensive enough on its own, but as a ‘blame the victim for his suffering’ argument as well. A governor of a state has the innate savagery to say that the discrimination against this islamic minority group would disappear (by the more orthodox and classical muslims) if they, the group were to just disappear.

We however can draw a valuable lesson from this article below.

That even if we all convert to islam right now and start doing bearded yoga five times a day and driving cabs, it will never, ever stop the bloodshed. That as islam requires an enemy as the only sure fire way into mohamed’s after-life beer and sky-brothel is to kill an unbeliever, when they run out of us, they will go after those who are thought to be not the genuine article.

These people will lay the earth to waste.

Jakarta Globe:

      By Jakarta Globe on 3:49 pm May 7, 2013.

This picture taken on April 9, 2013 shows cleric of the Ahmadiyah Islamic sect, Rahmat Rahmadijaya, speaking through a door during an AFP interview at Al Misbah mosque in Bekasi.  A group of minority Ahmadiyah Muslims in Indonesia have been holed up in a mosque since authorities shuttered it earlier this month, in a stand-off that starkly illustrates the growing religious intolerance sweeping the country.   (AFP Photo/Adek Berry)

This picture taken on April 9, 2013 shows cleric of the Ahmadiyah Islamic sect, Rahmat Rahmadijaya, speaking through a door during an AFP interview at Al Misbah mosque in Bekasi. A group of minority Ahmadiyah Muslims in Indonesia have been holed up in a mosque since authorities shuttered it earlier this month, in a stand-off that starkly illustrates the growing religious intolerance sweeping the country. (AFP Photo/Adek Berry)

Just days after hard-line Islamic group members tore down the homes of an Ahmadiyah community in his province, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said violence against the beleaguered minority group would stop if the religion disappeared.

“Of course we want religious tolerance to go properly but the Ahmadiyah have committed a violation by spreading a deviant belief. The problem will disappear if the belief disappears,” Ahmad told Indonesian news portal Kompas.com on Tuesday.

Early on Saturday morning, a mob of 400 hard-liners attacked an Ahmadiyah community in Sukamaju village, Singaparna district, leaving dozens of houses in shambles. Some 60 police officers guarding the village were outnumbered and rendered powerless against the assailants.

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The muslim equivalent of gay sex. Intra-sect fighting

Today in London a brawl broke out between two groups of muslims with anjem Choudary on one side of it.

It reminds me of a line from one of my favorite movies, ‘Deterence’, where the actress playing a role similar enough to Condaleezah Rice says the following to the person playing the president elect:

“The thing about jihad is, you know when you lost. But you can’t know when you won. Because when do you ever stop fighting for allah?”

I always felt this was a profound observation. Islam has one criteria only that pretty much guarantees a persons place in Mohamed’s-beer-and-brothel-in-the-sky, afterlife.

That criteria is to murder someone to advance the glory and authority of islam. This being the case, even if the entire world was islamic, individual religious muslims would be obliged to murder members of other sects of islam as apostates or heretics, and even if the whole world was all in the same subsection of the cult of islam, the more religious elements would feel obliged to look for data points they could spin as evidence, true or not, that others where not sufficiently observant and therefore, legitimate targets.

So if they can’t get a target amongst the non-muslim world they will take one from the greater muslim one. Hence the title. Like prison-homosexuality. Not preferred, but it will do in a pinch.


Islam keeping it real.

The Sunnis and Shiites really do hate each other, perhaps it’s worse than their hatred of the infidel, and it’s all due to the disagreement surrounding the true successor of the desert warlord Mohamed.


  • Suicide blast at Shiite mosque kills scores in Pakistan More here.

shiite mosque hit by suicide bomber 4.3.2013

No-one has yet claimed responsibility but recent attacks against Shias in the south-western city of Quetta have been claimed by the sectarian Sunni terrorist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

Standing amid the rubble, Fatima, a resident, told The Express Tribune newspaper: “Our only sin, our only fault, seems to be that we belong to a different sect.”

Senior politicians united in condemnation.

More here.

UPDATE: Magic Martin finds the following video of Shiites marching through London this month.