Bundeswehr: Asylum Seekers Are Urinating on Female Refugees

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this German Website

ERFURT. The Bundeswehr has filed complaints about unsustainable conditions for asylum seekers in Erfurt. They write of repeated sexual harassment and men urinating on the floors, in an internal report by the leading sanitation officers of the Territorial Task Commando that has been labeled ‘classified’.

In the document the appointed custodial sanitation medic of the Bundeswehr reports that “the halls are being cleaned twice a day. Yet the condition of the floors is not OK in my view, because garbage is being thrown on the floors over and over again. It is routine for men to urinate in whatever corner they find. In the sleeping accommodations it has become a daily occurrence that single women are being urinated on by male persons from other countries, even as the women are sleeping. Sexual harassment occurs daily.”

Bundeswehr Confirms Report

The Bundeswehr has confirmed the authenticity of the report to Junge Freiheit. “This report exists,” says the leading authority of the Territorial Task Commando of the Bundeswehr, Lieutenant-Colonel, Ingo Kunze. At this time there is an investigation into who reported these conditions.

“Should the conditions in this facility indeed be as alleged in the report, then the responsibility for such conditions lies with the operators of the facility under their healthcare system.”

State Administration Does Not Know of Such Incidents

Within the Thüringer State Administration that is responsible for the facility in Erfurt, such conditions are a surprise. “Up until now we have not heard of any such incidents,” says the spokeswoman for the Administration when Junge Freiheit asked her. However, on location it is the Red Cross that is caring for the Asylum seekers. “They are the ones running that operation,” says the spokeswoman.

The Mass hall was converted two weeks ago into a refugee facility. At the moment, according to the Thüringer State Administration, it holds 760 asylum seekers. “But this is only temporary, because the hall will be needed for Mass again,” says the spokeswoman.

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4 Replies to “Bundeswehr: Asylum Seekers Are Urinating on Female Refugees”

  1. This is OT, but in the midst of all this horror, I wanted to give you some good news for a change. Alll of us certainly need it…
    We have been having rain down here, badly needed rain at first but now they’re predicting flooding later in week as the rain moves up from the Gulf in waves and is beginning to raise the river levels. They are sure to flood in the lower-lying regions. Today I realized my tomatoes were getting too much water and would burst if left much longer so I went out around twilight to take in whatever looked at risk (I will ripen them in the house, wrapped in paper).
    As I bent down to remove a tomato, my St. James Matamoros cross – the one on the sidebar that I got from you – swung lose and was moving in rhythm with my motions as I looked thru the vines tor tomatoes. All of a sudden I realized something: the long period of wellness and recovery I’ve been experiencing began when I started wearing this cross. I ordered a 30″ sterling chain from Amazon (about 20.00) and that’s what it’s been on ever since. From the very beginning I was drawn to the cross; it’s quite beautiful and has a sense of strength about it. I’ve never cared to wear crosses before but this one is special.
    All the things I’ve prayed for are beginning to be realized. I have more energy, my PTSD is in abeyance, and I have moments of joy and deep pleasure just in being alive. The Baron has remarked on the difference in my mood and energy and says “whatever you’re doing, keep doing it”.
    What I’m doing is wearing this cross. I was taking it off for showers, but now I leave it on – letting the water rinse off body oils, etc.
    I wanted you to know about my experience with the St. James Matamoros cross. I’ve wondered about the deep changes I’ve experienced; all the sadness that has melted away, and the anxiety seldom lifts its head anymore. I thought those were all permanent, but they’re not. The negativity is so light it’s almost transparent. And all because I put on the cross. I have no other way to explain the joyous changes.

  2. the german Website “Junge Freiheit” is rightwing and a medium for neonazis and far right people.
    generalization is untrustworthy.
    Im German and I never had problems with refugees.
    Im Germand and I have to say:
    Refugees are welcome here.

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