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4 Replies to “Gunmen ‘kill 44 at Nigeria mosque’”

  1. There is always (room for) more, isnt there…

    Iraq Cafe Suicide Bomb Kills 16 in Shiite-Majority Town of Balad (IBT, Aug 12, 2013)
    “A suicide bomber has killed 16 people in a Shiite-majority town north of Baghdad a day after an al-Qaida offshoot claimed responsibility for the attacks that killed more than 70 people. The blast hit a café in the town of Balad, 60 miles north of Baghdad. More than 35 people were wounded, said reports … Al-Qaida affiliate, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claimed responsibility…”

  2. Holy Month of Ramadan Death Count

    Ramadan 2013 Death Count: 6,625 ( up 94.7%)

    Ramadan 2012 Death Count: 3,402 ( up 66.6%) * to be updated

    Ramadan 2011 Death Count: 2,042 ( up 52.5%)


    Applause please for the sterling efforts of the RoP for breaking their own record. We must all recognize the effort and backup training required to break records, particularly in the Holy Month of Ramadan, when they are expected to fast, as well as gain weight at the same time.

    Such efforts should not go unrecognized by the world community.


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