Egyptian Court sentences Terry Jones to death

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Egypt shows Koran burning, Innocence of Muslims in Cairo court, sentences Terry Jones to death (Along with 6 others)

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The Cairo court room was shown a video clip of Terry Jones burning a Koran, to the objection of lawyers. The President of the Court insisted that all the evidence needed to be seen.  The trailer of Innocence of Muslims was also shown, along with scenes from riots in Benghazi, Libya against the film. Terry Jones was accused by the court of being “an insult to Islam and a threat to national unity.”


Egypt: Court sentences Terry Jones to death over burnt Koran

Death penalty also for 6 Copts in U.S. over anti-Mohammed film

ANSAmed-1 hour ago

28 November, 14:01

(ANSAmed) – Cairo, November 28 – An Egyptian high court on Wednesday sentenced to death US pastor Terry Jones for burning copies of the Koran.

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Pastor Terry Jones denied entry into Canada

This is an absolute outrage. He has broken NO laws. The absurd claim that George Galloway was denied entry is utterly untrue so that cannot be used to justify this. Galloway was told by his own people that he well could be denied for entry into Canada because he broke Canada’s funding terrorist group laws when he gave a fat chunk of cash to Hamas. In fact, Galloway never even tried to enter canada preferring instead to do a teleconference to his fans in a Bronson St. theater in Ottawa.

Canadians need to write their MP’s over this one. There is truly no excuse for this. This is the kind of selective enforcement and abuse of process I expect from a third world toilet like England is today. Not from a rational democracy like Canada under Harper.

Terry Jones, asymmetrical warrior

Asia Times:

By Spengler

Asymmetrical warfare was supposed to benefit the insurgents. For the price of a few flying lessons a gang of jihadis brought down the World Trade Center, a terrorist with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and powdered Tang can blow up an airplane, and a few pounds of plutonium can cripple a major city.

Meet the Reverend Terry Jones, asymmetrical warrior. It appears that pinpricks can produce chain reactions in the Islamic world. The threat may be termed asymmetrical because Islam is more vulnerable to theological war than Christianity (or for that matter Judaism).

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Washington has confirmed that a group of protesters scaled the wall of the US embassy in Cairo and tore down the American flag.


The incursion came in response to a film deemed by some to be offensive to Islam.

Several protesters climbed up onto the walls of the embassy and ripped down the US flag, raising another flag in its place.

Security reinforcements were rushed to the area and removed the trespassers.

“We had some people breach the wall, take the flag down and replace it,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said. “What I heard was that it was replaced with a plain black flag. But I maybe not be correct in that,” she said, amid speculation that the flag that had been raised carried the emblem of a jihadist organization.

Reports also suggested the flag was inscribed with the Muslim profession of faith: “There is no God but God and Mohammed is the prophet of God.”

Several hundred demonstrators had already gathered outside the embassy to protest at a film produced by Egyptian Coptic Christians living in the US, which the protesters claim defames Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

It was reported that the protesters tried unsuccessfully to set the flag alight before pulling it down.

Taken by surprise

Members of the crowd were reported to include members of Islamist groups and “ultra” football fans.

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Interview with Pastor Terry Jones Friday Aug 3 2012

For context, and frankly for anyone who has not seen it, in order to better understand this particular interview with the person who was blamed for the massacre of UN workers and others in Kabul in 2011, it is highly recommended that you watch this brief on the OIC by Stephen Coughlin and how they, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation are successfully wiping out free speech around the world and how Terry Jones was used as a test case to circumnavigate the US first amendment.

Will Obama Criminalize Criticism of Islam? Terry Jones holds International Judge Muhammad Day Sept 11th, 2012 in defiance of the Istanbul Process

From Terry Jones’ website. for anyone not familiar with the Istanbul process and its meanings and implications, please watch this extraordinarily important brief by Maj. Stephen Coughlin (ret)

Stand Up America:

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International Judge Muhammad Day, Live from Gainesville FL, 9/11/12

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” ~ George Washington

In a Constitution Subcommittee hearing on July 25th, 2012, Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02) questioned Assistant Attorney General, Thomas Perez, over the Administration’s commitment to 1st Amendment rights. Perez has, in the past, shown support for “a legal declaration that U.S. citizens’ criticism of Islam constitutes racial discrimination.”

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Terry Jones files federal suit against Dearborn over free speech issues From The Detroit News

Detroit News:

Detroit— Controversial Florida Pastor Terry Jones sued the city of Dearborn and police chief Monday in federal court, alleging they violated his constitutional rights.

The lawsuit stems from alleged restrictions placed on Jones, who wants to demonstrate and distribute literature Saturday in front of the Islamic Center of America on Ford Road.

A Jones colleague applied for a special events permit, which includes a document releasing the city from any liability, costs or claims resulting from the event.

“Plaintiffs should not be forced to sign a one-sided, unconscionable contract subject only to the unbridled discretion of the city’s legal department in order to exercise their constitutional rights,” Jones lawyer Erin Mersino wrote in the lawsuit. “The city’s free speech restriction imposes an unconstitutional burden on plaintiffs’ constitutional rights.”

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“I believe in freedom of speech but…”

Here is an article which talks about some of Terry Jones’ upcoming events to publicize the threat that islam plays to free and democratic nations. Have a click over and read their take on it. They pretty much blame Jones for the riots in Afghanistan fueled by the President of that country who incited the people to burn down a U.N. building and kill a number of workers there.

I would be willing to bet the same website would be unwilling to blame a girl in a short skirt for being raped or any other form of extortion or blackmail. They in fact say so near the bottom of the article where they say that some innocent nurse will pay the price for his actions. My question is, to what extent should we submit to blackmail, savagery, thuggery and intimidation?

It seems that leftist sites like to be selective as to who should enjoy free speech and who should not. Well this isn’t news of course. But it is good to see that pastor Jones has learned the fundamental lesson of our times.

Freedom of speech is a use-it-or-lose-it proposition. The moment you stop speaking the truth because it is rude or unfashionable, there are those who will fill the space left with laws so that you no longer even have the option of speaking it at all.

People who publish political opinion on the web should know better. If you do not like what is being said, then best it with better speech. Use evidence and reason. The Greeks gave us that staggeringly important gift. They should use it.




Michigan Muslim Exception to the First Amendment

I have had this tab open for a while waiting to get a chance to read it and post. It is a good summation of the issue of Terry Jones and selective enforcement of law in terms of Islam and free speech.

From National Review:

By Nina Shea
Pastor Terry Jones and Assistant Pastor Wayne Sapp may be leaders of an obscure and failing micro-church, the Dove World Outreach Center, in Gainesville, Florida, but they are world class blasphemers against Islam. Earlier this month they applied for a permit to continue their public and provocative criticism of Islam — which this time was not to burn a Koran but to “peacefully … protest sharia and jihad” in front of the largest mosque in the United States, in the most Muslim area of the country. Not only was their protest, planned for last Friday, blocked by court order, but they were convicted by Michigan’s 19th District Court of being likely to breach the peace.

In March, the two pastors stirred international controversy and, in Afghanistan, lethal violence, by staging a Koran burning. On Friday, April 22, they had planned a two-man demonstration to protest “sharia and jihad” during the weekly prayer service outside the the Shiite Islamic Center of America, in Dearborn, Michigan. News of their application for a protest permit prompted at least four serious death threats against them from “metro Detroiters,” according to the police chief.  They were told by authorities they would have to cover the costs of a massive security effort for their protest, amounting to $46,000.  They refused and were promptly prosecuted on the afternoon of the 22nd. They were found guilty of intending to disturb the peace, ordered by the court to stay away from the Dearborn mosque for the next three years, and briefly jailed for refusing to pay the “peace bond,” to ensure there would be no public disturbance — a bond that the prosecutor had requested to be set at $46,000 but which the court had reduced to $1. It appears that the jury, judge, prosecutor and police chief, all feared that the planned protest would set off local Muslim riots or other violent actions.

Pastor Jones and Sapp are unsympathetic figures. Their anti-Muslim antics over the past seven months, when they first threatened to burn the Islamic holy book, have seemed designed as much to grab media attention for themselves as to deliberately insult Muslims.  But the First Amendment’s broad protections for free speech have been defined by court cases revolving around all manner of  unpopular speech and bigotry— from Ku Klux Klan leaders, Nazis, other racists and, most recently, anti-gay activists in a case involving protests at the funerals of fallen American soldiers.  Islam would be given deferential treatment if this decision is allowed to stand.

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islam – The Religion Of Piss

Normally I try and avoid unnecessary vulgarities unless they are necessary or are original and funny. But in this case, its unavoidable. The article below was written by a fellow who was at the Pastor Jones demonstration in Dearborn Mi. where bottles of urine were thrown at the supporters of Jones. He gave permission to repost this and his photos. Click over to the original page to see the authors essay on Islam and urine. The connections are extensive. Camel and human. And Satan of course. We can’t have Satan urinating in ones ear although I could swear that happened continuously at a Justin Bieber concert.

From Infidels United:

…And then we also have modern day moslem Dearborn jihadis who are into piss.  During the rally on Friday April 29th 2011 in Dearborn Michigan, you will find multiple videos on the internet where you can see bottles flying in the air.  What EVERY one of those fails to mention is that the bottles that they were throwing were full of piss!  Yeah thats right…we had Dearborn jihadis throwing waterbottles full of urine.  Fucking sick twisted asshole worthless piece of shit subversive 5th column disloyal “Americans.”  These pieces of human shit threw piss at us!


On April 29th 2011, modern day Dearborn jiadis threw water bottles full of urine at Terry Jones and his supporters:


Many people try to describe Terry in disparaging terms, even calling into question his intelligence.  These people are all wrong.  Terry Jones is BRILLIANT!  After the jihadi onslaught at the barricade, when he returned to the podium to resume speaking, he led the crowd in a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.  The jihadi pieces of human shit refused to join in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Why won’t moslems recite the Pledge of Allegiance? That’s simple, because their only allegiance is to allah.  They consider themselves moslem first and American second (or maybe even further down the list who knows).  Terry was a genius for breaking into the Pledge because it really demonstrates where the true moselm allegiance is to the moon god allah and his fake pedophile prophet piece of shit warlord caravan robber named mohammed.

What do we see here in the world?  We see a US born military psychiatrist mow down 13 members of the armed forces because his allegiance was to allah, not the United States.  See We see a trusted Afghan airforce pilot massacre 9 US soldiers with his US issued handgun.  His allegiance was to allah not to the US soldiers who he slaughtered.   See

I am 100% done with political correctness.  ANYBODY who is a moslem is potentially an ally of the islamists.  I do not trust ANYBODY who is moslem because they are directed to lie in the cause of spreading their filth via taquiyya.    Islam must be abolished.  Regardlss of it’s immense size, it can fall and will fall.  Islam is rotten to the core.  We must fight the religion of piss at every opportunity.  We must criticize the religion of piss at every opportunity.

No Surrender!  No Submission!  NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!