Interview with Pastor Terry Jones Friday Aug 3 2012

For context, and frankly for anyone who has not seen it, in order to better understand this particular interview with the person who was blamed for the massacre of UN workers and others in Kabul in 2011, it is highly recommended that you watch this brief on the OIC by Stephen Coughlin and how they, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation are successfully wiping out free speech around the world and how Terry Jones was used as a test case to circumnavigate the US first amendment.

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  1. Yes, but after you have read them, when you see how evil they are, what do you do? Stick it back on the shelf? Jones is a Christian, and Christians are told to preach: rebuke, correct and encourage. They are told expose evil, not ignore it. Muslims don’t care about talk. They smile and tell you something different. They have no problem lying. Short of killing people and destroying other people’s property (which is the evil the Koran produces) what do you do? What has the UN produced with all its talk? Nothing. The criminal acts Islam produces should be confronted as criminal, exposed as criminal, as evil, demonic, warped, sick, abusive, oppressive. Who speaks for the millions of victims of Islam if we don’t? Not the world government – as Jones says, they are cowards.

  2. If you knew this particular enemy then you would understand the wisdom of publicly mocking these fiends by burning the Queeran.
    We should have an eternal Queeran burning flame where a Queeran is automatically dropped into burning swine fat once every hour on live TV to show the impotence of Allah.
    I am serious because I understand the mentality of these juvenile Devil worshipers devoid of true spiritual truth.

  3. Hey thanks for this, I love this guy, brave, hate his moustache, but he inspires the radical in all of us….and brings to light the hideious trends toward appeasing islam and changing the culture in the US, including the 1st ammendment.
    On September 11th, I plan on tieing a string around a descrecrated by dog poo and pee ripped koran, and then dragging it behind me like a doggy as I walk around the malls, shops, busses, subways etc…. Yes, looking like a crazy person, but feeling just A-OK great about it…..
    Hopefully all the idiot rednecks and hillbillies will get out and vote to counter all the ghetto blacks and illegal mexicans that all vote….another term with that idiot will really have disasterous effects on our Canadian economy.
    On a bus I was told by a muslim to shut up and quite saying things about islam, because this wasn;’t the USA, and I had no rights here in Canada to say stuff like that…
    ie criticisms of the backwardness of islamic beliefs etc

  4. CJK:

    Yes this isn’t bout burning books in the way that Fahrenheit 451 was. This isn’t about destroying information which is forbidden but actually about resisting those who would force us to hold sacred that which is repugnant to us. Burning korans is an important thing to do as a form of resistance to real tyranny and irrational and violent religious authority. Hell I made one into a pig using paper mache and then burned it. Video is out there.

  5. I wouldn’t do anything Morticia that smacks of a bio hazard. But why not make a doggie out of Papier Mache using a koran and drag that? then it is an art project and there would be no genuine reason to stop you. Any grief you get would be due to political correctness and the new crypto-sharia we all live under.

  6. Terry Jones burned a koran to show that he had the right to do that under US laws no matter what muslims said. He is an incredibly brave man and I have the deepest respect for him.

    As far as days of rage go, who cares if they kill each other? I certainly don’t.

  7. With all the issues our country is going through, the economy, jobs, real wages gap, he has nothing better to do than to burn books. I’m “horrified” and at the same time “not surprised” the direction our country is going.

  8. With all the issues our world is going through, from Islamic horror to the heartbreak of psoriasis, you have nothing better to do than make an irrelevant comment about something about which you likely know nothing but have a strong opinion on, here at this site. I am not surprised at all at how the world is going. So many like you.

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