islam – The Religion Of Piss

Normally I try and avoid unnecessary vulgarities unless they are necessary or are original and funny. But in this case, its unavoidable. The article below was written by a fellow who was at the Pastor Jones demonstration in Dearborn Mi. where bottles of urine were thrown at the supporters of Jones. He gave permission to repost this and his photos. Click over to the original page to see the authors essay on Islam and urine. The connections are extensive. Camel and human. And Satan of course. We can’t have Satan urinating in ones ear although I could swear that happened continuously at a Justin Bieber concert.

From Infidels United:

…And then we also have modern day moslem Dearborn jihadis who are into piss.  During the rally on Friday April 29th 2011 in Dearborn Michigan, you will find multiple videos on the internet where you can see bottles flying in the air.  What EVERY one of those fails to mention is that the bottles that they were throwing were full of piss!  Yeah thats right…we had Dearborn jihadis throwing waterbottles full of urine.  Fucking sick twisted asshole worthless piece of shit subversive 5th column disloyal “Americans.”  These pieces of human shit threw piss at us!


On April 29th 2011, modern day Dearborn jiadis threw water bottles full of urine at Terry Jones and his supporters:


Many people try to describe Terry in disparaging terms, even calling into question his intelligence.  These people are all wrong.  Terry Jones is BRILLIANT!  After the jihadi onslaught at the barricade, when he returned to the podium to resume speaking, he led the crowd in a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.  The jihadi pieces of human shit refused to join in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Why won’t moslems recite the Pledge of Allegiance? That’s simple, because their only allegiance is to allah.  They consider themselves moslem first and American second (or maybe even further down the list who knows).  Terry was a genius for breaking into the Pledge because it really demonstrates where the true moselm allegiance is to the moon god allah and his fake pedophile prophet piece of shit warlord caravan robber named mohammed.

What do we see here in the world?  We see a US born military psychiatrist mow down 13 members of the armed forces because his allegiance was to allah, not the United States.  See We see a trusted Afghan airforce pilot massacre 9 US soldiers with his US issued handgun.  His allegiance was to allah not to the US soldiers who he slaughtered.   See

I am 100% done with political correctness.  ANYBODY who is a moslem is potentially an ally of the islamists.  I do not trust ANYBODY who is moslem because they are directed to lie in the cause of spreading their filth via taquiyya.    Islam must be abolished.  Regardlss of it’s immense size, it can fall and will fall.  Islam is rotten to the core.  We must fight the religion of piss at every opportunity.  We must criticize the religion of piss at every opportunity.

No Surrender!  No Submission!  NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!

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3 Replies to “islam – The Religion Of Piss”

  1. Next step for Muslims may be firebombs and Molotov cocktails.

    They must all be shipped out and back to where sharia law predominates. They have no place here in the west.

    As an aside, my father-in-law spent some of his formative years living in Aden during the 50s. He stated bluntly at our dinner table: “Never trust an Arab.” Coming as he does from another generation, the appellation “Arab” means “Muslim” in much the same way that during the Middle Ages “Saracen” meant Muslim as well.

    When someone who respects other cultures so highly as my father-in-law says that, you have to understand that he is speaking directly from experience.

    The leaders will spend millions attacking those who, like Pastor Jones are exposing Islam for what it is, yet spend nothing defending him from the vicious attacks by Muslims.

    This is madness and hypocrisy on a vast scale which must be stopped. If we do not, the Muslims will have won the war which they declared on the rest of the world so long ago.

  2. Violence is the next step, it will probably start this summer during the riot season, especially if the Caliphate hits Israel. Events are coming to a boiling point and the pot is about to boil over.

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