“I believe in freedom of speech but…”

Here is an article which talks about some of Terry Jones’ upcoming events to publicize the threat that islam plays to free and democratic nations. Have a click over and read their take on it. They pretty much blame Jones for the riots in Afghanistan fueled by the President of that country who incited the people to burn down a U.N. building and kill a number of workers there.

I would be willing to bet the same website would be unwilling to blame a girl in a short skirt for being raped or any other form of extortion or blackmail. They in fact say so near the bottom of the article where they say that some innocent nurse will pay the price for his actions. My question is, to what extent should we submit to blackmail, savagery, thuggery and intimidation?

It seems that leftist sites like to be selective as to who should enjoy free speech and who should not. Well this isn’t news of course. But it is good to see that pastor Jones has learned the fundamental lesson of our times.

Freedom of speech is a use-it-or-lose-it proposition. The moment you stop speaking the truth because it is rude or unfashionable, there are those who will fill the space left with laws so that you no longer even have the option of speaking it at all.

People who publish political opinion on the web should know better. If you do not like what is being said, then best it with better speech. Use evidence and reason. The Greeks gave us that staggeringly important gift. They should use it.




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  1. The left like the islamofacists never protest over anything, they just protest and then find an excuse to try and make it sound good. This is why the left run cover for the islamofacists, if the islamofacists tactics were to be exposed, the left would loose their excuse for rioting and occupying everything as well. They are just running cover for those who use their tactics, bit like russia and china running cover for syria, exposing syria would expose their treatment of their populaces as well. pretty simple really.

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