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7 Replies to “Dr. Terry Jones Responds to the Ban from Spain and the Persecution of Imran Firasat”

  1. Well said Dr Jones!

    It would seem that, just 520 years after the completion of the Reconquista, Spain has once again fallen to the forces of Islam. The abject dhimmitude of the Spanish government, and their eagerness to grovel before their Islamic masters, bears testament to this tragedy.

  2. Terry Jones has been dubbed a loony by the Left. When Leftists call you a loony then you know that you’re doing the right thing!

  3. Once the principle has been established in any nation that nothing whatsoever can be said that might upset the Muslims, which might lead to their violent response, then that nation has conceded that it is already an Islamic nation. As Voltaire so rightly said: ““To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” So Spain needs to change its flag and admit this reality.

  4. Thank you pastor Terry Jones. You are a great patriot – and I don’t just mean an American one, but a patriot of western civilization.

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