Terry Jones, asymmetrical warrior

Asia Times:

By Spengler

Asymmetrical warfare was supposed to benefit the insurgents. For the price of a few flying lessons a gang of jihadis brought down the World Trade Center, a terrorist with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and powdered Tang can blow up an airplane, and a few pounds of plutonium can cripple a major city.

Meet the Reverend Terry Jones, asymmetrical warrior. It appears that pinpricks can produce chain reactions in the Islamic world. The threat may be termed asymmetrical because Islam is more vulnerable to theological war than Christianity (or for that matter Judaism).

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  1. An interesting article, it causes people to think, especially about getting our intelligence agencies to stir up trouble in the Moslem world, set sect against sect big time instead of the small time fights we are currently seeing. The problem is that like the author said we Americans aren’t comfortable being manipulators an we also have a very hard time keeping secrets. If the US did start fomenting fights between the sects this fact would be made public in a matter of months, if not days.

  2. Richard, first of all I am NOT trying to fight here but I think you missed the implications in the article. Forget our Intelligence agencies for a minute, because the wacky Rev. Terry Jones is not an intelligence agent. He is just an avg. American citizen like you or I. I think the whole point is that we as individual Americans not working for the government can affect change in the muslim world if we try. Insulting their “prophet” Moe is all we got to do. Terry Jones was able to get the media to report that he was going to burn the Koran last year and in doing so he was able to cause chaos in the muslim lands. I think it is important to note that the US Government will do everything it can to try to stop individual citizens from doing this and they will use the weak argument that it will endanger US Military troops overseas.

    This is my opinion:
    We as individual citizens can inflame the Muslims in the middle east if we are willing to do so. Yes the Muslim world will put a hit out on each of us if we choose to do so. Yes the US Government will try to use the lame excuse that it will endanger US Military lives. Yes the Media will call us the worst of names they can think of for the foreseeable future. YET by just burning a stupid koran, or making fun of their “prophet” Moe we as individual American citizens, protected by the first amendment can get Muslims thousands of miles away to go insane and kill each other in a blood lust.

    The American government is filled to the brim with idiots and morons who actually think that Islam is a peaceful religion. Even those at the top of the Military are woefully ignorant about Islam. It is this issue that separates the people from those who are in charge of the people.

    I can speak for myself as a Navy NCO that my experiences with Muslim savages while deployed is why I am on this kind of webpage today. I know from experience that the MSM is ignorant about everything islamic. Jihad is holy war not some mystical quest. I could go on and on but I think my point is made. I know no one who served in either Iraq or Afghanistan who believes the nonsense that the Stars (generals and admirals) or the politicians spew out of their ass kissing mouths.

    The whole point is that the Avg. American can cause Muslims to kill each other just by insulting their poor lil’ religion.

  3. Das Einsamkeit I didn’t miss the intent of the article, I was indulging in a fantasy where the Western Governments would fight back. Yes we as individuals can cause riots in the Middle East just by exercising our constitutional rights, but look at how Obama has the FBI going after the man who made the movie. I doubt that he intends to thank him for speaking his mind, this is what will happen to non state actors that move to start riots. So unless you have enough money to operate through several layers of straw men if you do act expect the police at your door.

    I was an Army E-5 but don’t have any experience in the middle east, I spent my time in Germany during the 60s.

    By the way calling the lace panty brigade idiots and morons is complementing them, they are going to start thinking you like them.

  4. The thing is, these are planned ‘Days of Rage’ and actually have nothing whatsoever to do with the video clip just like the riots over the Danish cartoons had nothing to do with the Danish cartoons and like the riots in Kabul that killed 20 people at a UN building in Afghanistan had nothing to do with a Florida pastor who did one of 10,000 koran burning videos on youtube which had been up a full 10 days before the Ikhwan and Karzai incited his people to riot.

    They don’t need a reason to riot they find an excuse.

  5. I managed not to make my own point above. What I mean is, the actions of the individual here have no impact on the Muslims. It serves them only to give an excuse for actions meant to cow us into submission. These are choreographed events planned and executed by the OIC and the MB. That is it, that is all. The article is very good and very interesting. But Jones had bugger all to do with these events.

  6. You got that right, and the MB will continue to find excuses to riot until we in the west understand this and stop giving in when they riot.

  7. Richard I read a lot of your comments here and I am glad you understood my point. I in no way thought you did not understand the issue. I am too jaded to think that our government would grow a backbone to fantaize like you still can.

    One last thing, I think I would rather be in Germany in the 60’s as an NCO than be in the African and middle eastern hell holes I was in in the 90’s & 00’s. I bet the parties were better.

  8. Das Einsamkeit I can still fantasize but my expectations are that we are seeing the beginnings of a breakdown of civil order all around the world, this breakdown will probably turn into civil wars in all western nations and most other non Islamic nations. I see the fighting continuing more or less constantly for the rest of the century, not constantly in all nations but for the rest of the century there will be fighting in some nations. There will be breathing spells while everyone rearms and reloads but the wars will continue. I am very pessimistic about the survival of civilization and worried about the survival of freedom.

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