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It is stunning how long it took, and how many resources to announce the bloody painfully obvious. What this article says, is what was known for all of human history till the various Frankfurt school variant ‘scientists’ started trying to remake reality in Marx’s image. Check out this link for reassurance that what you always knew, was right and the crap you have been spoon fed by SOB’s like Dr’s Money is commie nonsense.

Here is an article which really should get it’s own post. It is on the sentences handed down to some EDL members and in stark contrast to how illegal Muslim rapists and violent criminals are treated. This is worth the effort to read.

Here is a cool story about an ancient Druid site, older than the pyramids and set up so that the burial chamber lights up brilliantly only one day a year on the winter solstice. Over 35,000 people are expected to show up to witness the spectacle. I wish I was one of them.

Here is a BBC bit about a UN report on how Christians are fleeing Iraq by the thousands for safer areas where they are not being slaughtered by Muslims.

From Winds of Jihad:

The elimination of Western culture & civilization is  a done deal according to these documents from the planned Euromediterranean Process, of which few have heard.  In reality, this is the biggest treason in history – and the most intelligent, done by stealth, lying/concealment, demoralization, dechristianisation, and corruption.

Mullen says Iran still driving for bomb. Washington Times.

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  1. The west began to commit collective suicide during the early days of the post-war period, when liberals began to insist on enforcing policies of multiculturalism onto every aspect of our lives.

    It is one thing to prevent discrimination against immigrants in areas of jobs, education and the law, but quite another to claim that “all cultures are essentially equal”.

    Once that line was crossed, European and American intellectuals convinced almost everyone that praising western values and ethics was the equivalent to praising ultra-nationalism or being a fascist.

    We are now reaping the harvest of that error as more and more Muslims immigrate to the west and demand that Islam become the predominant force in all human affairs.

    The time is now, the battle engaged. So where are our heroes?

    Sadly, they are in court, fighting to have the right to warn the free world of the threat against us that Islam represents.

    May those who see this threat have the chance to act accordingly, just as our warriors once fought the Axis and the Soviet Union.

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