Psychological Research: Muslim Inbreeding Promotes Terrorism

From Ned May at Big Peace:

The Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels has written previously about the effects of Muslim inbreeding. In the essay below he traces the possible connection between the genetic damage done by inbreeding and terroristic behavior.

The connection between Muslim inbreeding and terrorism

by Nicolai Sennels

If there are two things that characterize Islamic culture, they are terrorism and inbreeding. The latest research shows that these two things might be closely connected.

The concept of Islamic terror does not need any introduction. Not everyone might know, however, that seventy percent of Pakistanis and forty percent of Turks are inbred (Jyllands-Posten, 27/2 2009 “More stillbirths among immigrants”). Research shows that the same goes for close to half of all Arabs (Reproductive Health Journal, 2009 “Consanguinity and reproductive health among Arabs”).

First cousin marriages have been the tradition in many Muslim families for innumerable generations. Such marriages increase the risk of negative mental and physical consequences. My article “Muslim inbreeding: Impacts on intelligence, sanity, health and society” details extensive research data on the subject. In brief, inbreeding through consanguineous marriages increases the risk of depression (Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 2009 “Relationship between consanguinity and depression in a south Indian population”) and schizophrenia (American Psychiatric Press, 1982 “The role of genetic factors in the etiology of the schizophrenic disorders”).

The risk of serious illnesses or handicaps increases by up to 1800 percent (BMJ, 1994 “Infant death and consanguineous marriage”). Risk of mental retardation increases with 400 percent (Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 1978 “Effect of inbreeding on IQ and mental retardation”). Research shows that the IQ is 10-16 points lower in children born from blood related parents and that abilities related to social behavior and empathy develops slower in inbred babies (Indian National Science Academy, 1983 “Consanguinity Effects on Intelligence Quotient and Neonatal Behaviours of nsari Muslim Children” [pdf]). Such facts might make several pieces fall into place for many people.

Here comes another eye opener:

Research published in The Journal of Aggression and Violent Behaviour has proven a connection between suicide bombers and depression and physical handicaps (BT, December 15th 2010 “Why most terrorists are useless”). Research suggests that many suicide bombers are suffering from depression, and their actions are just a socially accepted (among Muslims) way of committing suicide in order to end their mental torment.

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12 Replies to “Psychological Research: Muslim Inbreeding Promotes Terrorism”

  1. Interesting, and it would explain why the Arabs have to import European or American help to keep their infrastructure running. It also makes a mockery of the idea that the Moslems are going to take over Europe by out breeding the European. The medical problems combined with the cultural problems mean that Europe is in for a hard time but will remain free if they fight.

  2. “More stillbirths among immigrants.”

    It would be welcome news to learn that every mohammedan pregnancy in the world resulted in a stillbirth.

  3. Sennels is connecting the dots. I have know about this inbreeding phenomenon for a long time but Sennels is giving it the through looking into that it deserves. Even at school growing up muslim I noticed that the other brown children (Sikh, Hindus) in the class who were not muslim were a lot smarter. One teacher even offended a young lad for not getting a 100 % on his math paper. He only got 95%! It was just became something one accepted. Sort of like Ginger kids have nice freckles. Sort of like something you know but do not really discuss or care about. When you are kid things are as they are and that is that. Now I realise just how important those early observations were and how much of a macro impact they have on the world. That kid went on to become a doctor. I saw him charging around in his huge car years later. Another child was so good at math that the teachers felt he was wasting his time in school. He became the envy of the school. They set him superhard work that he did at home and he just came to school to have his math work marked. Do no know what happened to him but again non-muslim. He was a kind of prodigy. I remember one of the teachers speaking of him glowingly and thinking you only love the smart kids! I may add this school I went to was 95% asian so a perfect setting to see the stark contrast in performance between the muslim kids and the non-muslim kids. This was back in the seventies. Now those muslim kids have had kids and their children are repeating the process of failure. However, on the plus side a couple of muslim kids did make it to University. They did easier courses due to lower grades but hey they made it and that is a testement to their hard work and ability.

  4. The really interesting thing about this is that it is being discussed by scientist in the politically correct journals. While this may give the Moslems another victim card to play I think that it will also mean that fewer people in power will give them protected status. You help the handicapped, you don’t let them take over the world.

  5. Yet immigration by Muslims to non-Muslim countries dwarfs immigration of all other groups to those same countries. And governments accept them with more than the usual open arms. In the case of Britainistan, the government there bends over backwards to keep extremists and terrorists in homes and money.

    Muslim immigration, aka the harji, must be stopped and reversed with mass deportations if Europe and the western world, extending to Latin America, is to survive the first decades of the 21st century.

  6. RR I wish I could say there was a peaceful way to stop the immigration, but there isn’t and no one who knows what war is like wants the hell that is coming down on the world because the political left wanted to seize power.

  7. The linking of muslims with the hadicapped group is something internal. The ones that are thus labelled join the handicapped and all that entails and the rest carry on as dysfunctional members of society. However, to now destroy my point, someone with a hand missing can be thorougly passsionate about jihad. I knew a guy once whose hand was missing. I never asked him why out of politeness but his jihad brain was an on overtime everytime I met him.

  8. arabconqueredpersian I am sorry, I meant mentally handicapped. Although I take you point, on my last trip to the VA one man there lost both legs below the knees to a landmine and is still an active productive person. I really need to read the comments before posting to try and stop mistakes like that.

  9. The mental ability does not have to be so low that they are put in special schools. It may be just that they are unable to function as well as they could and achieve things in life that are worth something. However, Islam is always waiting in the wings for the less talented. In my own life I knew a muslim who had some sort of mental problems and I was good friends with him. A nice guy. Then I lost touch as I moved away. Years later I met him. His mental problems were much worse and he was rabid muslim. Islam is a functioning template of accepeptability and warmth for the failure in life. You are now the victim. A special person. You are destined to take over the world etc. When I meet people who believe this stuff I do treat them as if they are mentally handicapped. I tell them Islam is the Religion of Peace. It is the fastest growing and the only true religion. Anything wrong is always the fault of the Jews etc. Then I say ok. Now please I am not going to convert and please can we stop discussing this fine religion. Feed them politically correct trash and shut them up. Argue with them at your peril. They are idiots and it a complete waste of time doing so. A politician called Tony Benn in the UK put this way: Never wrestle with a chimney sweep. He himself learnt that from his father.

  10. arabconqueredpersian I like that statement, since we don’t have many sweeps over here most people wouldn’t get it but I like it. And I agree with you idea on how to handle the Islamists, we can’t argue with them and change their minds, all we can do is try to prevent them from forcing us to become Moslems. While I haven’t met many Islamists I have met many people with limited intelligence, and thus know how hard they are to argue with.

  11. Richard it is limited intelligence that keeps them there. I have know loads of muslims and I know first hand that the intelligence does not have to be so low that one can not function properly without help but low enough to not know how to look deeper into an issue and also too low to get good grades and become a Doctor for example. In the UK most doctors are either Indian or English. That is certainly the case in the surgery I visit. The number of Muslim Doctors in the UK is small compared to the population of muslims. I do not believe I could ever become a Doctor but I do appreciate the difficulties that doctors go through to get trained. It is certainly very difficult indeed. I slightly amazed at one clever indian boy who was at school with me. He trained to be a dentist then packed it in in the last year! How silly is that! He said he was bored with that coarse. Sometimes even clever doctors do silly things!

  12. Yes they do, the VA hires a lot of foreign students to be their residents who answer to an American Doctor, almost all of the Doctors I have had or seen for various problems are from India. My current Doctor being from Spain is the exception to the rule there. They don’t have too much trouble but that is partially because the University Hospital (a world class teaching hospital) is across the street and it they run into major problems the call in the big guns from across the street.

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