Tommy Robinson explains his most recent arrest. Watch and read

Regular readers of Vlad may remember that I mentioned that the EDL and Tommy Robinson would be coming out with a major announcement about a particular thing in the UK. Well here it is. The police are offering friends and enemies of Tommy, a get out of jail free card, if they testify against Tommy that they got certain objects from him, which everyone knows is patently untrue. Yes the police have sunk to this in England. To silence someone who is a vocal supporter of the police, and of English law and jurisprudence, at least as it was meant to be, they are resorting to the most Machiavellian, and dare I say, even Torquemada’esque methods.

England I am disgusted with you.

Watch the video below carefully. This is VERY important.

From Gates of Vienna:

The Setting Up of Tommy Robinson

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

“We will continue to do this. You can put us in prison. You can put me in prison. I will continue to do this. We will have an HMP English Defence League Division in the first prison I go to.”

The video above, which was just released today by English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson, is very timely, thanks to today’s arrest of Guramit Singh.

In his video testimony, Mr. Robinson describes what has been happening to him and members of his family over the last few months. He has been set up by the police, subjected to repeated raids on the flimsiest of pretexts, and arrested in front of his children by officers carrying automatic weapons. His parents and other family members have been terrorized by the police to put pressure on him. His bank accounts have been frozen.

Worst of all, one of his old friends who is facing a serious criminal charge is being offered a walk if he sets up Tommy Robinson. As Mr. Robinson points out, if this attempt fails, there will be another one after it, and another one, until one of them finally succeeds and he is sent to prison.

This brave man refuses to be silenced. He made this video as a testament to what has happened to him, so that when the cell door eventually clangs shut behind him — as it surely must, sooner or later — his suffering and struggle will not have been in vain.

If you support the English Defence League and its struggle against the Islamization of England — or if you support the resistance to Islamization anywhere, in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, India, and elsewhere — spread this video around, mirror it, forward it to your email lists.

Tommy Robinson’s voice will not be silenced. “We will never surrender.”

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9 Replies to “Tommy Robinson explains his most recent arrest. Watch and read”

  1. The great England everyone read and heard about growing up is no more! What is there in its place are what was known as The British Isles, and a bunch of leftist apologists and the Islamic Muslim terrorists they are giving England to. The citizens mean absolutely nothing to these terrorists. They have the government in their pockets. It is a done deed. Game over IMHO.

    I hope everyone that does not live there is paying very close attention. THIS IS COMING TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD SOON IF YOU DO NOT WAKE UP TO WHAT ISLAM IS DOING AROUND THE WORLD.

  2. I have to say one thing, I am actually proud of Tommy for holding his ground the way he is. To me he is a true English Patriot. He inspires many to be like him and fight the good fight for freedom.
    I am worried though because if the Government cant silence him with their “legal, trumped up charges”, they will kill him. (well not them, they will have a “Asian youth “ do it for them).
    When this happens, I hope it will be the “shot heard around the world” (I know you Brits know what that means). I hope all hell will break loose and put an end to all of these atrocities and terror committed by our own governments and their Muslim storm trooper.

  3. Quote: “A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves. When we pliantly accept violations of our natural rights, we embolden the government to violate them even further. The more sheeplike the people are, the more wolf like the government becomes. “ . . . transcribed from Glenn Beck’s Dec. 21st program, these are the words of Judge Andrew P. Napolitano. It is clear that Tommy Robinson, and growing numbers of Brits are coming to understand the ramifications of dhimmi/multiculti cowardice and will no longer remain silent or pliant regarding cowardly elitist’s treasonous capitulations. Whether the authorities imprison Tommy Robinson & Guramit Singh or not will have little to NO effect on the EDL movement . I personally like what a “gothechosemercy” at Gates of Vienna stated in the comments : “What the Multiculti left and Islam don’t realize is that the leader is not the movement (Robinson cannot be compared to Mohammed), the movement pre-existed the EDL and will exist regardless of what happens to the EDL et al. ”
    Regardless of what the authorities in Britain choose to do to silence Tommy Robinson & Guramit Singh & any other EDL member. . .they will fail at every attempt to either silence or stop the exponential growth of the movement to defend England against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

  4. Britainistan is as Orwellian a nation as they come.

    In the efforts to appease the Muslim terrorist population of the country, the government has violated the legal, civil and human rights of the very people who are fighting to preserve what is left of the UK; the EDL and their allies.

    The government is also doing this to collect the Muslim vote in a cynical ploy to keep their ill-gotten power and destroy what was once a free country.

    This is Orwell’s warnings writ large for all to see. Yet few people will come to the aid of those who are putting their lives on the line for freedom.

    May freedom and the west prevail. May Islam be reduced to rubble.

  5. Tommy did it all wrong. All he and his family and EDL colleagues have to do is dress up in mobile tents, grow four-foot long beards and waves placards saying, “British Police Go To Hell” and “Europe Your 9/11 is coming,’ and the government will do all they can to appease them, including free money!

  6. What strikes me is the way that what is happening in Britain so fits the predictions made by SF authors in the 50s and 60s, I say this not the try belittle what is happening to Tommy but to point out the way intelligent people predicted this 50 and 60 years ago.

    Having said that the people doing this ought to study history more, The British Empire (the greatest in history) was build by men like Tommy, it was the upper lower class and the lower middle class that built the Empire, not the Upper Class and the Upper Middle Class. These are the people who built and managed the Empire, now the political class Brits are busy pissing off these people. They are as short sighted as the political class in the States who are ignoring the TEA party, in both nations the ordinary decent people are getting mad and are just about ready to rumble. At times like this you don’t want to be on the wrong side, and Tommy is on the right side.

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