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2 Replies to “CTV clip: Omar Khadr trial day 1”

  1. Surprised my honorable MP Irwin Cotler is not in Guantanamo part of khadr’s defense team. Cotler, who maybe had a real job in his youth, and if he did, it was his last real job, has writen opeds in many papers telling us that Khadr is a child soldier. Well, this child soldier, at the time of his arrest, spoke 4 languages. He lived, breathed Islam since the day he was out of the womb. He knew what he was doing. Unlike child soldiers, Khadr knew exactly who his enemy was. Chold soldiers are at war with anyone, excwpt their team. Khadr should be stripped of his Canadian citizenship. In fact, because Cotler has chosen to be so ignorant of that important fact, maybe he should be stripped of his role as MP and gold plate pension for life.

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