History of the slave trade. A stunning documentary.

A few words: Firstly, a few people have asked me why my posting has been light on VTB recently.

The reasons are twofold. Firstly, I have had massive computer problems and secondly I have been working, when my computer was up, with an excellent team to translate and subtitle the fantastic documentary never before seen in English for you all.

Firstly, the idea was from a wonderful youtuber called ‘STOPshariaLAWnow’ who felt that this was such an important documentary she wanted to find anyone and everyone who could help her translate and title. She sent it to me, and I sent it to the team and they agreed it was worth the effort. V.H. did a fantastic job of translating, and The Baron at GOV edited the notes and I subtitled and fixed a few minor edits in the original file.

If you think the UN disgusted you before, wait till you see this. Clearly the OIC, Organization of Islamic Countries, Council, Congress whatever, has corrupted far far more than merely the hilarious ‘Human Rights Council’ but UNICEF and other agencies there are basically front men for Islamic global conquest.

Watch and spread the link far and wide please.

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4 Replies to “History of the slave trade. A stunning documentary.”

  1. Slavery is an Islamic holy duty from Allah and Muhammad bin Abdallah. Africans were create black to be slaves to whites folks (Tabari 11:11) It is a shame black dont know that allah cursed them and blessed whites sura 3:54. Too bad blacks dont read and feel Islam is a black man’s religion as if Africa didnt serve a god before Muhammad came along in the 6th century. Insane thinking. Africans had a moon god named NOD. Allah is a Hindu Sanskrit word and Illah is arabic for god. Did Muhammad lie and did allah deceive as he said he was the greatest deceiver and schemer and liar sura 3:54

  2. i m so disappointed that u r trying to walk on the way what u dont know
    before commenting on anything u should have read about every thing
    u dont know the single thing about Islam about judaism about arab and even about India
    from where have u earned ur education, i think u should go to start from the primary first
    i am hundred and ten percent sure that u r the tool of christian missionaries who dont know what to say but keep on saying wrong things
    what ever u do u cant spit on the moon Islam is on heights and u wont be able to turn it down any where any time
    Islam has eliminated the salvery from the world before Islam nobody has given such rites to slaves. Islam has made them the part of the society whether they were muslims or no muslims
    read about hazrat Bilal (r.a) he was a black and slave before Islam but the second caliph Hazrat Umar told him Aqa (the master).

  3. Mani, like most Muslims, you make claims with no evidence. You present no arguments but instead, insult the people you disagree with. This tactic works on the ignorant and savage but for those with even a hint of understanding of logic, is patent noise.

    To be clear:

    Islam not only condones slavery, it practices it to this very day. Google search:

    ‘The Islamic republic of Mauritania and slavery’ to see the state of Islam and slavery in this very day today now. The West including the USA fought wars where 100,000 of its own died to end slavery. Islam still deals in African slaves in the Sudan. So as usual, you can’t deny the overwhelming evidence that Islam is all about slavery, so you have to insult me, and make up lies and of course, practice kitman and taqiyya on us.

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