UK: The religion of peace speaks on Geert W visit

by Baron Bodissey lifted verbatim from Gates of Vienna: H/T Steen

Geert Wilders has done a singular service for the UK: by drawing the more zealous members of Britain’s Muslim community out into the open, he offered the British public a glimpse into their own future.

And if you believe the protesters who gathered near the Houses of Parliament today to protest Mr. Wilders’ visit, that future will contain a lot of Islam:

Islam will dominate!

No matter where he runs, this dog, Islam will be implemented, so he can go and crawl under any rock in Europe, but no, Islam will come, and it will conquer the UK, it will conquer Holland, it will conquer Rome, it will conquer the world!

Allahu Akhbar!

In the interests of security, Geert Wilders’ press conference had to be held indoors. Here’s what the protesters who gathered outside had to say about the Dutch MP and the future of Europe:

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