Jihad in Norway

This documentary shows one of Norway’s fake Muslim refugees scamming the system while plotting the demise of the west and his host nation.

Link: Norwegian Jihad - Norway

h/t FOR

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One Reply to “Jihad in Norway”

  1. Awesome video… Two things stand out the most, and certainly should make everyone with a modicum of common sense to stop and think about the opensewerization/mahoundianization of Europe.

    First, it’s the fact that mullah crackpot’s lawyers were tipped off by people inside the Norwegian government about those CIA operatives who were there to put an end to his comfortable collection of welfare checks paid for by the Norwegian taxpayer. That was just like loading the gun of someone about to shoot you, and who wouldn’t do that just because they’re out of ammo. There’s a name for such actions, and that’s SUICIDE.

    The other is those shots of the neighborhood where that bloated, repulsive scumbag crawls around with its (not his) dirty pseudopodia. Was I the only one that noticed all the dirt lying around, all the garbage scattered all over the place, all the neglect and abandonment of the buildings, all that filth on the walls? When I refer to islamization as opensewerization, that is certainly not an understatement. It’s just all we can expect from allowing large numbers of mahound-worshippers into any place in this world, given mahoundianism’s inherent ability to destroy everything it touches (and, for more on this, don’t miss the bit about how mahoundians cannot either build or maintain any infrastructure, due to their utter inability to understand notions of maintenance and construction, in the this article.)

    The fact that, despite having lost its (not his) appeal against a deportation order, mullah crackpot will be allowed to remain in Norway simply beggars belief. Had that thing chosen Denmark as its destination for bogus asylum-seeking, its fate would have been different, for Danish courts and authorities still insist on serving justice rather than political-correctness and multiculturalism (and, given how Denmark has chosen not to go down the same culturally-suicidal path taken by Britain and Sweden when it comes to appeasing mahoundians, chances are they’ll not betray what serving justice is about for the most part. Good for the Danes.)

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