More on UK 911 protests. Listen to the media try and trap the SIOE

The man interviewed at the beginning of this video, was the first arrested for ‘incitement’ meaning of course, many violent people disagree with his position and will react violently. Clearly England has an actionable policy now, of blaming anyone who finds themselves in Islamic cross hairs as being the architect of their own danger. We see this from the ‘warning’ the police gave to Lionheart recently.

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2 Replies to “More on UK 911 protests. Listen to the media try and trap the SIOE”

  1. Are we to understand that the over 1,000 Muslim young men who showed up as ‘counter-demonstrators” are anti-fascists and the handful of SIOE protesters are fascists? What a twist on reality. I suppose I’ll have to view the world standing on my head from now on.

  2. Yep, it is know as NewSpeak – from G. Orwell’s, 1984.
    Members of the Nation of Islam, protected and supported by the socialist government, are in no way Nationalistic Socialists (Nazis).
    Their use of violence as a means of punishing the inferior Kufir animals (that’s us) and their insistence that we should pay them – the Übermenschen – protection money (jizad) has nothing to do fascism, and any resemblance to any mafia methods lies solely in our failure to appreciate their superiority.

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