Malmo Firemen made to buy face shields and bullet proof vests

As many of you may or may not know, The Al Queda handbook teaches the Muslim ‘diaspera’ to create ‘no go zones’ by setting fires and other anti-social acts that require a response from the state, and then attacking the various institutions who respond such as fire, ambulance, police etc. in order to create zones which are under Islamic control and sharia law. This strategy has been employed to tremendous success all over Europe as leftist ‘politically correct’ bureaucrats and government agencies who are either, on side with Muslims and more often, afraid to mention the truth in case they lose the illusion of stable good governance with the electorate, fail to properly inform the public about what is analogous to a cancer growing in the social body.

This is todays manifestation of the western response. Swedish firemen being made to dress for war, rather than fire.

H/T Steen with many thanks. Any error in translation is mine.


From the Swedish paper, Aftonbladet:


Firemen in Malmo Sweden are forced to dress more for war than for fighting fires.

“One has to weigh the risk of a fire  spreading, to the risks for our personnel”

Rosengård firemen are forced to get helmts with  face shields and borrow military bullet-proff vests. ” We  have reinforced our cars, but  they have suffered substantial damage anyway.”
“Once a day we  have alarm from Rosengård, and we  never  know  what will happen.We  want the police in place first. If there is no risk for the fire to spread, we often don’t go there at all.”

“Many fires are made, just to get us there. Jägerro firemen are now eguipped with special helmets, that protects the face  and the neck. This  winther, when it was  worst, we  were forced to borrow bullet-proff  vests from the military.”

One senior collegue has quit the force, as he did not feel he could guarantee the safety of his men. Several others have asked to be transferred to service elsewhere other than Malmo.

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7 Replies to “Malmo Firemen made to buy face shields and bullet proof vests”

  1. That is the Muslim plan. Eliminate the state area by area and implement sharia law. A better plan, is to actually go there and get rid of the Muslims and reclaim the state. But that aint gonna happen because the government doesnt have the courage. So they will wait till there is a three way civil war. The Government and institutions of state, Muslims, the general public. The far left will of course be on the side of whoever is the most destructive and violent and anti civilization, the government will likely do little till they figure out who will win then fight for them. I could have details wrong, but thats how it looks at the moment.

  2. Maybe I’m naive but I don’t understand why they don’t send in riot squads with LIVE bullets and take out the gangsters. If they want martyrdom, let’s give it to them. Then again, this is happening in Europe and they don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. If the immigrants don’t like the response- GO HOME!

  3. The Politicians are the joke in this case. It almost seems they wan this. Swedes are outraged, the Police and Rescue don’t get the legal support they need to act. We have nicknamed the politicians Muslim- huggers. We write, call, anything you can possibly do to get a response from them- to no avail. I don’t know what the h–l they want! If we would go out and gang these muslims we would get attacked with all kinds of weapons- a dangerous mission. If a swede throws a rock he goes to jail, if an immigrant does it, he stays out. Police are frustrated when told not to punish. I want the world to know that the swedish politicians allow this to happen. Media is not helpful either, they spew out that the poor guys are “suffering” and that the ones of us that raise a voice are racist. Am I racist for not wanting my kids’ school burnt down or my car in flames? A fuming Swede.

  4. Lena of course I agree with you. As a Swede who is fluent in English, as I see that you are, please feel free to alert me to any other online news stories of this nature and if you would care to translate, I would be happy to subtitle. We, those nameless of us who are dedicated to fighting the Islam-leftist coalition, always need more translators.
    Let me know if interested.

  5. I could give I a try. I have to be selective of what to send since there are new articles daily in the local newspaper here in Gothenburg but also in other parts of the country. Or if you send, I’ll translate the same day, no prob.
    Many blessings

  6. Round up the troublemakers, revoke their citizenship and send them back to where they came from, along with their family since they’ll use the human rights “family” cop-out to avoid deportation otherwise. Yes, you have a right to a family life but not in this country… Goodbye.

    It will send them a message that it’s not their country and their behavior will not be tolerated. It’s ridiculous that so many people still follow the leftist view that it’s our attitude that needs to change when this sort of thing happens. Do yourselves a favor and support the Nationalist parties who are trying to help the country by stopping this sort of behavior by the immigrants. Nationalists are trying to help your country, not ruin it and give it away to the EU like your current politicians are. If you don’t, your whole country will be run by some unelected communist bureaucrat in Brussels. Russia went down this path many years ago and has already proved that it doesn’t work. Are Europeans so stupid as to think it will work for them? Or do they just not care about their own countries any more? Patriotism is NOT racism.

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