AfD’s Beatrix von Storch Slams Arabic Tweet By Cologne Police, Gets Banned By Twitter, As New German Censorship Law Comes Into Effect

An original translation from Berliner Zeitung:

“Hordes Of Muslim Men”

“Hate Content” – Twitter temporarily bans von Storch

January 01., 2018
Berlin – Twitter banned the deputy chairman of the AfD Bundestag fraction and caused indignation among AfD leadership.

On Silvester evening, von Storch had a take on a New Year’s Greetings tweet by the Cologne Police in several languages, Arabic being one of them1.
Twitter blocked Beatrix von Storch for twelve hours.

“What the hell is going on in this country? Why does a public police page in North Rhine Westphalia tweet in Arabic? Do you want to appease the barbaric Muslim, gang-raping hordes this way?”,

wrote von Storch.

Upon this, Twitter blocked her account for twelve hours, referring to a „violation of their rules against hate content“.

Von Storch’s tweet was not to be found on Twitter anymore on Monday. But von Storch published a screenshot on Facebook.

Alice Weidel on “knife-stabbing migrant mob”
There, AfD fraction leader Alice Weidel commented on Monday:

“The year begins with the censorship law2 and with our authorities’ submission under the imported, marauding, groping, battering, knife-stabbing migrant mobs that we kindly got to get used to. German police in the meantime communicate in Arabic, even though the official language in our country is German.”

Cologne police filed charges against von Storch: An investigation for the suspicion of incitement (Volksverhetzung) is opened, a police spokesman said to the portal “”.

Late Monday evening, Storch announced on her, in the meantime again accessible, twitter account, that Facebook, too, had deleted her message with the original content. She published a screenshot with the statement: “We blocked access to the following content for the following reason: Incitement (paragraph 130 of German Criminal Code).”

Von Storch criticized that Facebook took action, long before the investigation found any results, let alone a judge had found a verdict2: “This is the end of the rule of law.”
(dpa, afp)

Translator’s notes:

Police Cologne had tweeted out the text in English, French, Arabic and German.

As of January 1, a new law by the Social Democratic Justice Minister Heiko Maas has come into effect, the Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz, by which the non-immediate removal of statements that might (!) fall under “Incitement of the people”, Volksverhetzung, is punishable by 50 million Euros for social media companies, without due process.

The tweet that sparked von Storch’s disapproval: “Police Cologne Wish all Cologne people in Cologne and other cities happy new year 2018. 2017 for more information” Source: Polizei Köln on twitter.

“Celebrate New Year as a woman? Spend Silvester in the anti grope tent!” Alice Weidel, fraction leader of the AfD in the German Bundestag. Source: Alice Weidel on Facebook

Cologne: Antifa Announce They Will Harass Cops On New Year’s Eve

Cologne – “Cologne Against Right – Antifascist Action Committee” announce that on New Year’s Eve night, they will monitor the police, to prevent  “racial profiling” by the police.

New Year’s Eve In Cologne: RACIAL PROFILING IS ILLEGAL – CITIZEN*NESSES WATCH THE POLICE. Source: Köln Gegen Rechts/Antifaschistisches Aktionsbündnis

The group criticize that, in order to prevent the mass taharrush of New Year’s Eve 2015 from being repeated, 2016 police had stopped thousands of male, young Nafris from entering the square between Cathedral and train station:

“Thousands of visitors to downtown were singled out because of the color of their skin, their assumed nationality, and their religious beliefs. They were apprehended and presented to the public as a catch in the glistening floodlights of the Main Train Station Square.”

To fully appreciate the bigotry of Antifa there, it is crucial to understand that ethnically, a “Nafri” (police abbreviation for a specific group of young, criminal, Northern African illegal migrants) is mediterranean. Just like Southern Italians are, too, many of whom live in Germany, and are never singled out by the police. It is the behavior – aggressiveness, drunkenness, and showing up in large, male-only, groups of young men – and not the color of their skin that “singles” (groups?) Nafris out to the police.

The Antifa state that they, too, were all for security:

“Security to a long and healthy life, a secure income, a secure job, safety from pollution and destruction of the environment, security for our citizens’ rights, the security that police and intelligence services play by the rules, and, last but not least, the security to be protected from racial and gender-specific discrimination.”

Not once does their long-winded statement mention the security of women.

So, for New Year’s Eve 2017, they announce that they will be observing and recording the police.

They call upon citize*nnesses¹ to do the same, and to tweet and post on December 31 to [email protected] and Köln gegen Rechts – Antifaschistisches Aktionsbündnis (FB) under the hashtag  #copwatchcgn

Despite Köln gegen Rechts’ apparent deletion of critical comments, a few have made it through. One commenter asks:

“Why don’t you watch the women instead? Then the officers could stay home and celebrate with their families.”

¹ Bürger*Innen, politically correct, gender-inclusive Newspeak German for Bürger, “citizen”

Cologne, New Year’s Eve 2016/17: Police stop large groups of young men.

Cologne: Merkel Bollards Lettered “Do Not Be Afraid”

With Christmas approaching, the allahu akbarriers in front of Cologne Cathedral were lettered with  “Do not be afraid!” (Fürchtet euch nicht, Luke 2:10), in large letters early Friday morning.

“Do not be afraid”, this bollard reassures us. Photo: Domradio

We reported yesterday that the City of Cologne will hand out a “respect” wristband to each New Year’s Eve visitor.

Every German knows the line “Do not be afraid”, Fürchtet Euch nicht, from the popular German (originally Czech/Bohemian) Christmas Carol “Kommet, ihr Hirten”, Come Ye Shepherds.

A dispute broken out between Cardinal Woelki’s domradio, who think the bollard message is a wonderful idea, and the city council spokeswoman who finds it in rather poor taste.

An original translation from General-Anzeiger Bonn:

City of Cologne: Dispute Over Christmas Message on Bollards

15.12.2017 COLOGNE. A christmas message, applied without permission, angers the city council. Friday morning, the employees of a close-by advertising agency had applied the phrase “Do not be afraid” in white letters on the barriers. “This is thoughtless and a nuisance”, a city spokesman said upon our enquiry. The pollards were an unfortunate necessity, and they would remove the letters.

But advertising agency chief Sebastian Hebler says “We see a scaring signal in the bollards”. They wanted to alleviate people’s fears with the message. The bollards were erected just shortly ago, to protect from terror attacks. (dpa)

A reassuring Christmas message on the anti terror bollards in front of Cologne Cathedral. Picture: General-Anzeiger Bonn


Breaking: Cologne Solves New Years’ Eve Problem

The City of Cologne announced that they will hand out a “Respect!” wristband to each New Years’ Eve visitor.

Mayor Henriette “arm’s length distance” Reker introduced the campaign to the press.

Other aspects of the campaign are: flyers asking to celebrate with respect in different languages. Especially French is important!

Photo: Stadt Köln

And, last but not lest, a series of cartoons, encouraging people who can’t read German to throw firecrackers at women:

Photo: Stadt Köln

… and engage in all sorts of mischief.

Photo: Stadt Köln

Photo: Stadt Köln