NYE, Germany: Leipzig Police Attacked With Rocks and Firecrackers, Use Water Cannons On Antifa

An original translation from Mitteldeutsche Zeitung. Translator’s note: the Connewitz neighborhood of Leipzig is an Antifa stronghold. As the city of Leipzig already knows what to expect, public transport had been rerouted to avoid Connewitz from 10:30 PM, and the glass windows had been precautionarily removed from bus and tram stops.

Connewitzer Kreuz

Police Officers Attacked With Firecrackers and Rocks

January 01, 2018

Leipzig – During Silvester night, rioters at Connewitzer Kreuz in Leipzig hurled firecrackers and rocks at police officers. Police warned the attackers over loudspeakers, Leipzig police said Monday morning. As the attackers still resisted, police deployed water cannons against them. Several people were arrested for severely breaching the peace of the land. Police are investigating.

About 1,000 people had congregated at Connewitzer Kreuz before midnight. After they had set trash cans and several items on fire, police moved in with water cannons to extinguish the fires.

Upon this, between 40 and 50 persons hurled bottles, rocks and firecrackers at the vehicles and the officers. The operation went on until about 1:30 early Monday morning. (dpa)



Breaking: Cologne Solves New Years’ Eve Problem

The City of Cologne announced that they will hand out a “Respect!” wristband to each New Years’ Eve visitor.

Mayor Henriette “arm’s length distance” Reker introduced the campaign to the press.

Other aspects of the campaign are: flyers asking to celebrate with respect in different languages. Especially French is important!

Photo: Stadt Köln

And, last but not lest, a series of cartoons, encouraging people who can’t read German to throw firecrackers at women:

Photo: Stadt Köln

… and engage in all sorts of mischief.

Photo: Stadt Köln

Photo: Stadt Köln