Breaking: Cologne Solves New Years’ Eve Problem

The City of Cologne announced that they will hand out a “Respect!” wristband to each New Years’ Eve visitor.

Mayor Henriette “arm’s length distance” Reker introduced the campaign to the press.

Other aspects of the campaign are: flyers asking to celebrate with respect in different languages. Especially French is important!

Photo: Stadt Köln

And, last but not lest, a series of cartoons, encouraging people who can’t read German to throw firecrackers at women:

Photo: Stadt Köln

… and engage in all sorts of mischief.

Photo: Stadt Köln

Photo: Stadt Köln

5 Replies to “Breaking: Cologne Solves New Years’ Eve Problem”

    • Pearl clutching bleeding heart liberals thought up this latest near satirical initiative and without massive police presence on New Year´s there would be a repeat of Cologne 2015 or worse.

      I don´t know about Cologne, but I would suspect that they have banned fireworks within the city boundaries just like they have in Duesseldorf.

      There is a DAILY inundation of reports from all over Germany of animals, children and women being sexually assaulted that it would be impossible to list them all here. If you are interested here are three websites documenting the slow down fall into debauchery as a result of Merkel inviting the entire world´s poor and unwanted to come to Germoney.

      Hut ab! / Kudos to whoever has been posting translated German news here recently. You are doing an excellent job!

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