AfD’s Beatrix von Storch Slams Arabic Tweet By Cologne Police, Gets Banned By Twitter, As New German Censorship Law Comes Into Effect

An original translation from Berliner Zeitung:

“Hordes Of Muslim Men”

“Hate Content” – Twitter temporarily bans von Storch

January 01., 2018
Berlin – Twitter banned the deputy chairman of the AfD Bundestag fraction and caused indignation among AfD leadership.

On Silvester evening, von Storch had a take on a New Year’s Greetings tweet by the Cologne Police in several languages, Arabic being one of them1.
Twitter blocked Beatrix von Storch for twelve hours.

“What the hell is going on in this country? Why does a public police page in North Rhine Westphalia tweet in Arabic? Do you want to appease the barbaric Muslim, gang-raping hordes this way?”,

wrote von Storch.

Upon this, Twitter blocked her account for twelve hours, referring to a „violation of their rules against hate content“.

Von Storch’s tweet was not to be found on Twitter anymore on Monday. But von Storch published a screenshot on Facebook.

Alice Weidel on “knife-stabbing migrant mob”
There, AfD fraction leader Alice Weidel commented on Monday:

“The year begins with the censorship law2 and with our authorities’ submission under the imported, marauding, groping, battering, knife-stabbing migrant mobs that we kindly got to get used to. German police in the meantime communicate in Arabic, even though the official language in our country is German.”

Cologne police filed charges against von Storch: An investigation for the suspicion of incitement (Volksverhetzung) is opened, a police spokesman said to the portal “”.

Late Monday evening, Storch announced on her, in the meantime again accessible, twitter account, that Facebook, too, had deleted her message with the original content. She published a screenshot with the statement: “We blocked access to the following content for the following reason: Incitement (paragraph 130 of German Criminal Code).”

Von Storch criticized that Facebook took action, long before the investigation found any results, let alone a judge had found a verdict2: “This is the end of the rule of law.”
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Translator’s notes:

Police Cologne had tweeted out the text in English, French, Arabic and German.

As of January 1, a new law by the Social Democratic Justice Minister Heiko Maas has come into effect, the Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz, by which the non-immediate removal of statements that might (!) fall under “Incitement of the people”, Volksverhetzung, is punishable by 50 million Euros for social media companies, without due process.

The tweet that sparked von Storch’s disapproval: “Police Cologne Wish all Cologne people in Cologne and other cities happy new year 2018. 2017 for more information” Source: Polizei Köln on twitter.

“Celebrate New Year as a woman? Spend Silvester in the anti grope tent!” Alice Weidel, fraction leader of the AfD in the German Bundestag. Source: Alice Weidel on Facebook

Germany: Creepy Activists Stalk AfD’s Björn Höcke

Germany, Nov. 23, 2017
Self-proclaimed “performance artists” install what they claim is a copy of Berlin Holocaust Memorial vis-a-vis AfD politician Björn Höcke’s private house.

The “artwork” vis a vis Höcke’s house

Wednesday, left activists have erected what they claim is a local version of the Berlin Holocaust Memorial made of concrete stones (but is in fact, according to police, papier-mâché boxes) next to the private house of AfD politician Björn Höcke.

According to F.A.Z., the activists announced that they had covertly rented the property next to Höcke’s house almost a year ago, and that they had been monitoring and observing him 24/7 ever since. If Höcke would get on his knees before the memorial in Berlin, or before their “version”, they would cease to surveil him. As for now, according to Die Welt, they were looking for more staff to surveil him.

Björn Höcke became the hate figure of the mainstream media when in a speech in January 2016, he called the Berlin Holocaust Memorial a ‘Monument to Shame’. Even in their gleeful article today, Der Spiegel fail to mention that it was their very own founder Rudolf Augstein who coined that expression for the Memorial. The press also does not care that Höcke clarified that he wasn’t criticizing the memorial, but that he, in his words, “characterized the Holocaust — the genocide of Jews by Germans — as a disgrace for our people. And I said that we Germans installed a monument to this still unfathomable crime — this guilt — in the middle of Berlin.” (Down the Rabbit Hole With the AfD, Gates of Vienna, Feb. 23, 2017).

Interestingly, the leftist activists here aren’t ashamed of (ab)using the memory of this terrible crime in a cheesy mis en scene, for the very mundane aim to attack a politician they hate.

The activists call themselves “center for political beauty” and have been campaigning for years to bring in more refugees.

A look at the AfD’s results in the recent elections explains why Höcke in Thuringia, Thüringen (dark blue, in the center) is a main target, and not a prominent AfD figure from, say, Schleswig-Holstein (top):

Results of the German election per state in %

There have reportedly been brawls between ‘artists’, the owner of the property they rented, and the press in the afternoon. Police have, according to F.A.Z., announced that they are protecting Höcke’s house.

Germany: Are you a target of “left-leaning” violence? Then the Constitution is not for you.

An original translation from HNA (Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine).

“Steinke, you Nazi! We will com [sic] back” – Antifa attack on the former house of an AfD youth organization official. (source: PI news)

District court ruled
Court battle over apartment lease: Defeat for Göttinger AfD politician
November 02, 2017

Göttingen. The regional chairman of the AfD youth organization, Junge Alternative, Lars Steinke, will presumably have to find a new apartment after a court ruling.

The district court of Göttingen granted his landlord’s action for annulment. Reason: the 24-year old withheld from his landlord that, because of his political opinions, he were a likely target for left-leaning violence. According to the court, he should have had to enlighten her about his special role, because it might affect the lease object, a spokesman said. As he had omitted doing that, the lease contract was a result of malevolent deceit, and therefore invalid.

The 24-year-old had moved into the apartment in the city of Göttingen in July 2017. A few months later, the landlord went to court to refute the lease contract – successfully: the district court of Göttingen pointed in its ruling to the respective jurisdiction of the Federal Court. According to that, it is malevolent deceit even then when someone omits facts about which a contractual partner in good faith and trust can expect clarification. For example, the seller of a car must mention when a used car had an accident.

The Göttinger official of the „Jungen Alternative“ had himself said in posts that he saw himself as a target of leftist activists. As this circumstance were significant for the decision about the lease contract, he should have told the landlord without being asked, the judge ruled. And indeed, in the period following, damage of property and arson on the premises occurred, for example at the trash cans.

In march, the car of the 24-year-old, that he had parked at the street, burst into flames in front of the apartment house. The heat damaged another car and a close balcony parapet. The court pointed to the fact that similar instances had occurred at his previous address in Göttingen.

The father of the 24-year-old had signed the lease. According to a spokesman of the judiciary, the lease contained a clause that the father would consistently loan the apartment to his son. But this were not relevant for the decision.

Appeal against the ruling

The 24-year-old announced after the court ruling that he intends to lodge an appeal against the “scandalous ruling”.

Translator’s note:
Die Achse des Guten  comment: “District Court Göttingen shreds Constitution” and remind that the German constitution says, „No one may be disadvantaged or preferred for his sex, his ancestry, his language, his home and origin, his belief, his religious or political views“.

AfD’s Frauke Petry drops carefully timed bombshell

Berlin – In a press conference today, Frauke Petry puzzled attendants by attacking her fellow AfD members, announcing that she will move into the Bundestag independently and not as part of the AfD faction, and walking out of the room, leaving Alexander Gauland, Alice Weidel and Jörg Meuthen slightly consternated.

Frauke Petry walks out on surprised AfD leaders at today’s press conference. Photo: Jutrczenka/dpa

A source in the AfD tells us:

Frauke Petry stands for strategic rather than contentual positions within the AfD. She has often stated her aim, to get the AfD ready for forming a coalition within the next four years to be able to co-govern. Therefore, she rejects what she calls “fundamental opposition”. What she wants is to become acceptable for the CDU.

Becoming acceptable for the CDU

Obviously, this would mean massive concessions to the old parties. But this is exactly what the majority of AfD members do not want. Because of her strategy, she also massively lost support from the so-called “moderates”.
Her “realpolitik proposal” was rejected at the party convention in Cologne, but not because the AfD do not want to make ‘realpolitik’, but because the assertion of two irreconcilable AfD factions would have divided the party – in a time when, under the increasing attacks from outside, unity and solidarity among the AfD would have been so important.

Adopt the course that Petry proposes, or lose her support

Petry repeatedly expressed that either the AfD will adopt the course that she proposes, or lose her support. This was not well received in the AfD, a direct democratic party, where the decision-making process works from the base to the top and not the other way around. Lucke [the party’s original founder – translator] failed with a similar attempt in 2015.
The uncexpected success in the Bundestag election strengthened Gauland and Weidel, whom Petry had publicly criticized even during the election campaign, and weakened Petry.
Many convinced Petry-supporters resented her for not just not supporting the AfD in the election campaign, but even attacking them several times. She has been largely isolated in the federal executive board for quite some time now. Her prospects of leading the party have continually diminuished.
It seems that she drew her consequences today.

We had reported earlier this year on the speech that AfD’s Jörg Meuthen gave in response to Frauke Petry’s “realpolitik proposal” at the party congress: “We of the AfD are the ones who do not wish to abolish Germany”, and you can watch the speech with English subtitles here: