Project veritas DARPA leaks showing Fauci malfeasance for what we all KNOW he did

Here is a link to the actual documents, and related videos at the Project Veritas site. Dr. Robert Malone is reading through them and has some commentary and will have more. 

UPDATE #2 REDSTATE.Com US Military Report States COVID-19 Was Created by a US-Funded EcoHealth Alliance Program at Wuhan Institute of Virology

(Redstate says some of the more explosive documents weren’t narrated by Project Veritas)

Showing off my Fauci-lie collection

At this point I think people should be trading these like Baseball cards. Its amazing that when its so easy to actually prove these tyrants are lying, lying so often its nearly the only proof that they are actually breathing, people still believe, even near worship them. But then there is that pesky Goebbels quote again. One may suspect that it means a certain percent of the population want, even demand the lie. And a large percentage will die because of it.

Some of these are current Fauci lies, but the interesting ones are when he told truths in the past, exposing what he says now as lies. All of these are revealing in any case.

New Article by Dr Paul Alexander PhD – informing parents and protecting children

From an email from Dr. Trozzi

Before another child is damaged or killed, please help parents consider that covid-19 presents zero serious risk to their children, while the injections are clearly dangerous and harmful. Corrupted and misinformed politicians and media are promoting false narratives, that covid is a great risk to our children, and that the so-called “vaccines” are “safe and effective”.

Meanwhile ethical scientists and doctors are sounding the alarm; and being persecuted for doing so by the criminal covid enterprise.

Thank you Dr Paul Alexander for your continued vigilance and commitment to telling the truth, and protecting children and adults alike.

Dr Alexander encourages parents to consider:

If my child has little if any risk, near zero risk of severe sequelae or death, and thus no benefit from the vaccine, yet there could be potential harms and as yet unknown harms from the vaccine (as already reported in adults who have received the vaccines), then why would I subject my child to such a vaccine?

Here’s the link:

Kind regards,

-The Trozzi Team

Well ok but let’s hear what the other side has to say about this.

Dr. Anthony Fauci from March, 2020:

8:00 PM September 20, is going to be a wonderful time to get popcorn and Pizza

Tomorrow at 8:00 PM ET, Project Veritas has teased twice that they have amazing leaks from the CDC and Pfizer etc. and we will learn important truths about the “vaccines”. Very exciting.

And now Sky News tells us that at 8:00 PM they will also have a major revelation about the Wuhan Flu which started this all, and from their teaser, Anthony Fauci was up to his eyeballs in funding gain of function research at the Wuhan lab, and is even on record saying that he felt this research was “worth risking a pandemic”.

The only thing we don’t know is, what time zone does she refer to? 8:00 PM September 20th could be 12 hours from now if its in some parts of Australia. In any case, tomorrow promises to be a news day with some vindication for many of us.

I really hope James O’Keefe has some kind of Julian Assange insurance and certainly that he never plans to go to England. They basically have Assange in the same arrangement as they did Archbishop of Canterbury under Henry VIII.

UPDATE: The censorious authoritarians at Youtube have ALREADY deleted the teaser for the Pfizer reveal. So here it is below:

Just some random materials on Fauci from 2017 to today

Video: Rand Paul Calls For “Five Years In Jail” For Fauci Lying To Congress

My favorite one, is where Fauci predicts the future in 2017

And by far the best way to predict the future, is to make it.

Fauci’s Gain of Function Workshop 2013

Whole video:

At this link, you cut right to the start of Fauci’s speech and notes at 14:22

Thank you Simpleton1 for these.

What happens to Fauci at this point will be more of an indictment of the US justice system than it is of Anthony Fauci.

Fortunately Rand Paul has been on this and has now acted:



Fauci KNEW Hydroxychloroquine worked and told his own family to get it

Going through the emails myself, I have not found Fauci telling people he gave it to his family. But I have found a LOT of interesting things by searching this pDF online or downloaded, for Hydroxychloroquine. SOmetimes they spell it differently or code it a bit though. Like Hydrox. Or Chloroquine, or Hycrox- etc.

One fascinating find, is that it was CHINA that sent a memo saying Hydroxychloroquine showed promise against Covid 19!

I have a feeling we are in for a rough ride coming up.