Fauci’s Gain of Function Workshop 2013

Whole video:

At this link, you cut right to the start of Fauci’s speech and notes at 14:22

Thank you Simpleton1 for these.

What happens to Fauci at this point will be more of an indictment of the US justice system than it is of Anthony Fauci.

Fortunately Rand Paul has been on this and has now acted:



Fauci KNEW Hydroxychloroquine worked and told his own family to get it

Going through the emails myself, I have not found Fauci telling people he gave it to his family. But I have found a LOT of interesting things by searching this pDF online or downloaded, for Hydroxychloroquine. SOmetimes they spell it differently or code it a bit though. Like Hydrox. Or Chloroquine, or Hycrox- etc.

One fascinating find, is that it was CHINA that sent a memo saying Hydroxychloroquine showed promise against Covid 19!

I have a feeling we are in for a rough ride coming up.