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8 Replies to “Dr. Fauci explains that PCR tests are a useless fraud for diagnosing Covid19”

    • Excellent. And Thank You. It’s a keeper should someone ask for a PCR test and you intend to refuse it or accept it on certain conditions such as 3 tests x 30 cycles.

  1. Alberta will not provide federal government with data on residents’ vaccination status
    The province’s decision to protect the privacy rights of its citizens stands in stark contrast to British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec, which are bringing in vaccine passport systems of their own.
    The Alberta government will not share Albertans’ vaccination status with the feds.

    According to a press release from the Alberta Institute, a nonprofit working to shrink the size and scope of all levels of government, the provincial government confirmed to organization Thursday, and “then later publicly announced, that they will *not* be providing the federal government with Albertans’ vaccination status and data for use in a federal vaccine pass system.”

    “Albertans will be able to opt-in to provide their information to the federal government should they choose to do so.”

    Alberta’s decision to protect the privacy rights of its citizens stands in stark contrast to the provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec, which are bringing in vaccine passport systems of their own. In B.C., proof of vaccination will be required to access the following events:

    Indoor ticketed sporting events
    Indoor concerts, theatre, dance, and symphony events
    Indoor patios and dining
    Nightclubs and casinos
    Fitness centres and gyms
    Indoor events such as weddings, parties, and workshops
    Indoor classes and activities
    B.C.’s vaccine card system is particularly onerous and does not allow for any medical or religious exemptions. Quebec’s system, which comes into effect in September and uses a QR code on mobile devices, may have already been hacked, Global News reports.

    Quebec’s Health Department says police complaints have been filed after politicians’ COVID-19 vaccine passport information was allegedly hacked.

    The department said in a statement Friday it is aware of reports that people have managed to steal the QR codes of members of the Quebec legislature and is taking the matter seriously.

    On Friday at a campaign stop in the Toronto area, Prime Minister Trudeau promised to create a $1 billion proof of vaccination fund, wherein the federal government would pay provinces for the development and rollout of a vaccine passport program. During the same announcement, Trudeau claimed those provinces which do not bring in vaccine passports will see slower job creation and economic growth.

    Last month, Alberta, which removed most public health restrictions in July 2021, and has rejected the notion of vaccine passports, created 20,000 new full-time jobs, over 20% of all new jobs in Canada.

    The Open For Summer Lottery was created as an incentive for Albertans to become fully vaccinated. 77% of Albertans over the age of 12 have received at least one dose, while 69% are now fully vaccinated.

    Albertans will soon be able to voluntarily print off proof of vaccination, which may be useful when travelling to other, less free, jurisdictions.

    • Vaccine Adverse Reactions Events System Report for August 20,2021

      Adverse Reactions 623,343

      Deaths 13,627

      Serious injuries heart attacks, myocarditis, Bell’s Palsy, Guillian Barre Syndrome, blood clots………………..84,466

  2. Dr Fauci decides to blame ethnic group for disease spread.


    Dr. Fauci Notably, he did not mention the NY Times headline which said only 28 percent of young blacks in NYC are vaccinated, or multiple studies which show that the biggest vaccine hesitancy is among African-Americans (a vastly larger population than “Hasidic Jews”)

    Wrongly, however yesterday on “CBS This Morning” Dr. Anthony Fauci was discussing herd immunity,…

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