Fauci KNEW Hydroxychloroquine worked and told his own family to get it

Going through the emails myself, I have not found Fauci telling people he gave it to his family. But I have found a LOT of interesting things by searching this pDF online or downloaded, for Hydroxychloroquine. SOmetimes they spell it differently or code it a bit though. Like Hydrox. Or Chloroquine, or Hycrox- etc.

One fascinating find, is that it was CHINA that sent a memo saying Hydroxychloroquine showed promise against Covid 19!

I have a feeling we are in for a rough ride coming up.

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  1. Fauci authored a paper in… maybe around 2005? … on the efficacy of HCQ against… flu? corona? I can’t remember. Oc course he knew.

    • Yep, as far as I remember it was about the efficacy of Hydroxy in fighting the SARS Virus.
      And they even knew much earlier about it, because there was a TV-series called DEAD ZONE (2002 -2003), and in one Episode they had an CORONA Virus outbreak at a School if I remember correctly and they used Hydroxy as the CURE.

      The Faucist Movement killed Millions of people for PROFIT already and will carry on killing unhindered by the Judiciary, because they own them and they make the Laws that are being enforced.
      Just like the Nazi and Soviet Judges ruled by the guidelines of their Laws and killed Millions of people that way.

  2. As of May 28, 2021 the Vaccine Adverse Reaction System

    Adverse reactions 294, 801

    Deaths 5,165. 12 – 17 year olds deaths 4

    Serious reactions 25, 359 12 -17, 40 reports of heart inflammation, 16 blood clotting disorders.

    And still Disgraceful politicians and health officials ( bureaucrats ) are encouraging people to get the injection.


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