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11 Replies to “Brad Johnson on Fauci: Recorded June 4, 2021”

  1. If one is indeed “unwittingly coopted “… and he recognizes gain-of-function and seriousness of some viruses, and is a highly educated doctor/scientist interested in scientific method and facts (hippocratic oath), why cooperate in suppression of so much of the truth/data for better than a year and a half? And why participate / discuss “cover-ups” with people like Peter Daszak? Why ignore other well-respected doctors (treating patients with Ivermectin, e.g.)? Could not these lies / omissions predictably (if he is so brilliant in his field) be understood to result in widespread suffering and even deaths of thousands (millions) of human beings?
    … And he still suppresses information, and defends himself (even this week)??

  2. Come on!!
    Does it surprise you that CIA gives him a pass. He Fauchi is dirty up to his eye balls. Every plandemic has the same players trying to get control. Fauchi was at the forfront of all of them.
    Brad Johnson you have lost my respect.

  3. That explains a lot about Fauci and his actions, it also explains other people in DC who spout the CCP line without any trace of being paid. They are what my parents called educated idiots, they know one subject but are somewhat in secure in most other ways and continually seek praise to make themselves feel whole.

    • Fauci is 5’7″ in height and has no siblings. Often, these types are Mommy’s Boys; they are shunned in school, certainly not part of the school gang, not into the sports’ club and they rarely attract girls, aka very little social life.

      As they become successful, they still carry a grudge and crave praise. And as they gain notoriety, they crave even more praise. And in Fauci’s case, he also became addicted to the MSM spotlight.

      And he was exalted in power as he discovered the ability to bring down a U.S. President.

      Never did it come to his mind that we was part and parcel of the scheme that brought death and misery to so many people in order to satisfy his lusts.

      YES, he was used by the CCP but the fact remains he lied – more than once – and that is intentional, and he cares more about himself than the citizenry he was serving.

      • That is a much more detailed description of what I was saying, I didn’t carry it out to the full end. Yes Fauci lied because he had to keep the praise coming and that meant he had to be the center of the universe for much longer.He needs to be in the pen for at a minimum negligent homicide of of millions of people. The odds are he won’t be punished for any of his crimes.

  4. Fauchi was at the helm when millions died of the treatment AZT not Aids. He put a gag order on Judy Michovds and locked her away for 5 years. To not speak of it.

  5. Sociopath -a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behaviour.

    Psychopath – a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behaviour.

    The Bad gene a very small number of people are born with no capability of caring for anything or anybody.

    The new world order monsters, money motivates them, greed, a thirst for dominance. Is Fauci lost in a manic world where he can no longer tell the difference between truth and lies? Karry Mullis, the man who discovered PCR, a noble laureate stated Fauci was a liar, a little man at the top who would destroy anybody’s career who did not agree with him.

    • He sounds like a clone of that failed Austrian Painter Adolf Schickelgruber.
      I wonder what sign the Faucists are having on their Armband?
      A syringe with a Vaccine dripping needle or the Corona?
      Or something else all together.

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