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4 Replies to “Biden admin blocks FOX from seeing the border with no-drone order, so they use a heli”

  1. In 2015 the human river flowed up the Balkans unabated, overwhelming borders. Invaders inexplicably carried flyers containing instructions and contacts to help them navigate up into Europe. These pamphlets were provided by Soros NGO’s. Organized human smugglers were paid to facilitate this strategic assault on Europe. Angela Merkel, communist, kicked off the event with her famous invitation. Erdogan, the Filthy Turk, leveraged this human capital into a financial and political bonanza.

    How is this different, and why should we believe that the tactics, goals, and instigators of sovereign destruction have altered from 2015? Here is a sanitized report of the European event. No mention of the enablers to it, and full of disinformation about its root causes.


  2. I wonder if Joe Biden doesn’t spend every night grasping a revolver and trying to work up the nerve to use it. I wonder if he is, in fact, totally aware of the damage he’s doing to the United States but is powerless to stop doing it for fear of having terminally incriminating evidence of his corruption revealed by the Chinese. I can think of no other reason for the gross mishandling of the Afghanistan pullout to the bungling of the Southern border. And “bumbling” is hardly the right word because it suggests confusion but Biden isn’t confused, he’s just doing terrible things to his own country because someone is forcing him to do it.

    I don’t remember seeing Obama do one thing that wasn’t harmful to the Great Satan but Joe Biden has picked up the pace considerably. By the time the Democrats get thrown out of office, the US may be beyond repairing…

    As it is, what better way to completely destroy a nation than to move millions of the poorest least-able-to-support themselves “migrants” from the World’s most unsuccessful countries with the most messed-up cultures? Good luck getting a low-pay low-skill job in a town full of these guys, and American landscapers might just as well sell their rakes and their lawnmowers right now, ’cause they won’t be needing them soon…

    Of course, it won’t be American doctors or American accountants who are affected, but anybody looking for a low-skill job to pay the bills will have to stand in line behind a million Guatemalans and Haitians who sleep five-to-a-room and work for less than minimum wage.

    • …he’s just doing terrible things to his own country because someone is forcing him to do it.

      No, Chris. No blackmail.

      How about him being EAGER to sell out this country to the ChiComs?

      He’s a mafia thug – the Big Guy. A lifetime of dirt, we haven’t a clue. He bragged to the CFR about running a protection racket on Ukraine – he LIKES that image of himself.

      He has ZERO respect for this country, been a grifter all his miserable life. Liar, bully, predator. A fine example for his children – amoral scum.

      Thinks the ChiComs got a great thing going; he’s in with the tough guys. He’d be proud to think he’s the mastermind of this sell-out.

      (That’s probably the line his minders are feeding him. Let him think he’s pulling a fast one, the Big Guy.)

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