How Thailand beat Covid

This is a must watch for the science minded who are looking for data which supports some of our suspicions on how most nations are handling Covid.

Just two of the ways this prestigious Thai hospital managed to have astoundingly good Covid stats, are in the category we refer to as, ‘From the Ambassador of the Obvious”.

  1. Do not test healthy people for Covid.
  2. If someone comes to a doctor and doesn’t feel well, work up a diagnosis first and test for Covid IF the symptoms actually justify it.

In other words, do what medicine has always done, for every other disease. Soak this one in.

For more details on this video, please see RAIR Foundation.


Report: Main Suspect in Bangkok Massacre Is Uyghur Muslim Jihadist


A 25-year-old Uyghur jihadist terrorist from Xinjiang, an Islamist hotbed region in western China, is the prime suspect behind a massive bombing in Bangkok’s Erawan Shrine on August 17, Thai authorities have said.

More also here at this Thai site

H/T Gates of Vienna

Explosion in Bangkok kills many, injures scores, Telegraph explains why it probably wasn’t muslims


 Bangkok bomb: Explosion close to Erawan shrine kills at least 27 people including four foreigners – latest updates

(Article is mostly an attempt to get readers to believe it is not an Islamic attack)

More here at Yahoo News,

Raw footage: Chaos in Bangkok after deadly blast

New wave of violence leaves three dead

Bangkok Post:

Multiple bombing, arson and gun attacks in the deep South early Wednesday left a female teacher and two rangers dead in one of the biggest coordinated waves of suspected insurgent violence in years.

A bomb at this community bank in Yala province damaged or destroyed all five ATM machines, one of which was removed by the attacking insurgents. (Photo by Muhamad Ayub Pathan)

The government said the attacks in Narathiwat, Yala, Pattani and Songkhla were intended to mark the founding anniversaries of the Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN) and Pattani United Liberation Organisation (Pulo).

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Here is a Wikipedia on who these guys are and what they want. Which will come as a surprise to no one.

Six killed in Thai shop attack

H/T Jihad Watch

It should be noted that they use the islamic meaning for the term, ‘innocent’ meaning muslim. No non-muslim is ever innocent as they do not believe in the holy napkin or whatever it is, and no muslim can be anything but innocent as his belief in islam makes him an innocent by tardish reasoning.


Prime minister calls emergency meeting with security agencies to discuss violence

Pattani shooting

Workers clean the debris following the shooting at a grocery store in Pattani province, southern Thailand. Photograph: Sumeth Parnpetch/AP

Suspected Muslim insurgents shot dead six people, including a three-year-old boy, in a convenience store in southern Thailand, police said, two days after peace talks in Malaysia ended in deadlock.

Four gunmen on motorcycles pulled up at the store in Pattani province, 500 metres from a military checkpoint, on Wednesday. “The attackers sprayed the shop with bullets before going in to finish off their victims. They left a note saying ‘revenge for the innocent’ before fleeing the scene,” said a police officer in Pattani.

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Thais launch peace talks with Muslim separatists, as Islamic jihad terrorists murder three Thai soldiers

Jihad Watch:

As as vivid indication of their commitment to peace, the Islamic jihadists murdered three Thai soldiers just as the peace talks began.

“Thai authorities, Muslim rebels launch peace talks,” from the Associated Press, March 28 (thanks to Kenneth):

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Thai authorities and Muslim separatist leaders started peace talks on Thursday aimed at ending almost a decade of unrest in the country’s far south, as a new attack by suspected militants killed three Thai soldiers.The secretary-general of Thailand’s National Security Council, Lt. Gen. Paradorn Pattanathabutr, said he was “very happy” with the first meeting with the rebels led by the National Revolution Front, also known by the acronym BRN, and the Pattani United Liberation Organization, or PULO.

“We share the same goal, which is to reduce violence in the region. Both sides have agreed that we want peace in the area,” Paradorn told reporters after a daylong meeting facilitated by Malaysia.

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Muslim insurgents launch 50 attacks in Thailand’s deep south



Muslim insurgents fighting for a separate state in Thailand’s deep south launched 50 bomb and arson attacks over the weekend, killing three members of the security forces as violence in the troubled region intensifies.

Muslim insurgents fighting for a separate state in Thailand's deep south launched 50 bomb and arson attacks over the weekend, killing three members of the security forces as violence in the troubled region intensifies.

Thai soldiers and police officers at the scene of a bomb attack in Pattani province, southern Thailand Photo: EPA
By David Eimer, Saigon

1:31PM GMT 18 Feb 2013

The three local defence volunteers died after a bomb hidden in a pile of clothes exploded outside a restaurant in Pattani Town on Sunday lunchtime.

Another nine people were injured in the blast.

A coordinated campaign of terror started at 6pm local time on Saturday, when seven bombs were planted outside shops, supermarkets and a karaoke bar in Pattani Town, the capital of Pattani Province, one of the three southernmost provinces of Thailand with a Muslim majority population.

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Eleven Dead in Thai Militant Attacks: Police

Jakarta Globe:

Suspected Muslim militants have shot dead 11 people including three paramilitary rangers in a single day of bloodshed in Thailand’s insurgency-plagued deep south, police said Tuesday.

The rangers were ambushed while traveling in a pick-up truck on Monday in Pattani province in the Muslim-majority border region, where an eight-year conflict has claimed thousands of lives.

On the same day, four Buddhist rubber tappers died on their way to work in two separate gun attacks in Pattani, while a pair of Muslim men were killed in a drive-by shooting in neighboring Yala province, police said.

Two vegetable vendors were also shot dead in Songkhla province, which had been relatively untouched by the violence until a number of attacks this year, including a series of car bombs in April that left 15 people dead.

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Muslims increase severity and tempo of attacks on Thailand’s Buddhists

H/T Taffy inn Canada

Bangkok Post:

102 separatist incidents in the deep South

A total of 102 incidents of unrest struck the four southern border provinces on Friday morning, Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc) deputy spokesman Pramote Prom-in said.

Col Pramote said bombs and suspicious objects were planted in many areas, and insurgents were thought to be to blame. Thai flags were also burned and Malaysian flags hoisted to mark the 55th anniversary of the founding of the Bersatu separatist movement, an umbrella group active in the far South, and Malaysia’s National Day, Aug 31.

There were 44 incidents in eight districts of Narathiwat, 34 in Yala’s Muang, Yaha and Bannang Sata districts, 12 in Pattani’s Muang and Yarang districts, and another 12 in southern Songkhla.

Security officers were able to dismantle most of the bombs, but six soldiers were injured by explosions in different areas of Narathiwat this morning, he said.

“We believe the culprits wanted the incidents to make headlines and they chose to act on Aug 31, which coincides with the national day of Malaysia and the anniversary of the Bersatu’s establishment,” Col Pramote said. “They [the insurgents] wanted to arouse their followers in the region.”

He said the insurgents were trying to generate hatred and distrust between the people of the two neighbouring countries by burning Thai flags and raising Malaysian flags.

However, Thailand and Malaysia will continue to have a good relationship and these incidents will not cause  conflict, he added.

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If I ran the OIC, how would I use that to influence the UN?

Well we already know how the Organization of Islamic Cooperation is using the UN to destroy freedom of speech, most importantly the freedom to criticize, and be free from, irrational religious authority, specifically Islamic through the Istanbul process.

But how more directly?

Well. Let’s say that Muslims had an ongoing campaign of murder, terror and tactical attacks against a neighboring non-Muslim area or nation. Lets say that they were slowly gaining ground and forcing out the indigenous people, or subjugating them to Islamic will and laws. Then I would make sure the UN did not see this as a conflict that required their attention and make sure it continued. However once the Islamic forces made some real headway and had established themselves to a degree and once the locals finally figured that the cost of fighting back was lower than the cost of doing nothing or waiting for authority, even the perceived costs, then I would insist that the UN step in and guarantee the new Islamic dominance of that area.

Anyway just some idle thoughts about what I would do if I ran the OIC.

Meanwhile, in Thailand:

From The Bangkok Post:

South ‘may be lost if UN intervenes’, army general warns

Thailand might lose the deep South if the United Nations is allowed to intervene and help end the violence in the region, deputy army chief Daopong Rattanasuban said on Friday.

“We have not lost our land yet, but if we’re complacent and let the UN intervene and hold a referendum, then we’re finished,” Gen Daopong said.

“We won’t let this happen and we’ll fight it to the death, but our Muslim brothers and sisters have to understand us because we’re fighting against a small percentage of people who are using guerrilla warfare tactics.”

Gen Daopong Rattanasuban (File Photo)

The insurgents wanted to get villagers on their side by telling them that the government and Thai Buddhists are evil, discriminating and unjust and that officials are using excessive force, he said.

However, 90 per cent of the two million Thai Muslims were well aware of the situation.

The problem in the South was sensitive because it involves religion. Officials needed to be patient and have a good understanding. Fortunately, Thai Muslims understand and the army is trying to gain their trust, he said.

The southern militants, after failing to mislead the villagers, tried to instill fear by setting off bombs and murdering security officers at random, he said.

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4 soldiers killed, 2 injured in Thailand’s south

Thanks Don L for all the great links. I have come to realize from watching the video below, that Islam really is the religion of peace. Because if we could just get rid of Islam, the world would know peace.

From The Daily Star:

July 28, 2012 12:30 PM

Associated Press

PATTANI, Thailand: Four Thai soldiers were shot to death at close range Saturday in a brazen daylight attack carried out by suspected Muslim insurgents in Thailand’s violence-prone south. Two soldiers were wounded.

Video footage of the attack in Pattani province was captured by surveillance cameras that authorities have installed throughout Thailand’s three southernmost provinces, where an Islamist insurgency that erupted in 2004 has claimed more than 5,000 lives.

The footage shows pickup trucks tailing a pair of motorbikes that soldiers were riding as they returned from a military patrol to their base.

As the trucks pulled up alongside the motorbikes, armed men opened fire on the soldiers at close range and shot them dead. They then stole their victims’ rifles, which they used to fire at another oncoming security vehicle before fleeing.

Police Col. Kong-att Suwannakha said three motorbikes were attacked in total, each carrying two soldiers. Police were looking for about 15 suspects in connection with the attack but had made no arrests.

The shooting is among several attacks by suspected militants since the Islamic holy month of Ramadan began last week.

A roadside bomb on Wednesday in nearby Yala province killed 5 policemen.

The three southern provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat are the only Muslim-dominated provinces in the largely Buddhist country.

Read more:
(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::


Ramadan starts with a blast in Thailand

The real story is how ABC’s headline is about bombs going off but the entire 2 page article is nothing more than a puff piece on the wonders and magic of peaceful happy joy joy Ramadan and how hard it is to calculate the start and how its all about fasting, piety and good deeds. ABC is disgusting.

Below, is a much more accurate and dare I say even academic analysis of Ramadan:

ABC News:

Ramadan’s Start Marred by Bomb Blasts in Thailand

By NINIEK KARMINI Associated Press
JAKARTA, Indonesia July 20, 2012 (AP)


Millions of Muslims began fasting Friday at the start of the holy month of Ramadan in Indonesia and Thailand, where the somber occasion was marred by two bomb blasts that killed one person and injured seven, officials said.

The Muhammadiyah group, Indonesia’s second-largest Muslim organization, told its 30 million followers that Ramadan starts Friday. The government, however, declared the official start as Saturday when most of the remaining 190 million Indonesians will begin the annual dawn-to-dusk fasting for a month.

Muslims in the Buddhist dominated Thailand also began Ramadan on Friday, while India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Bangladesh will start Saturday or Sunday.

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RTV video of the aftermath of the Muslim attack on the true religion of peace

Quite a day for the ol’ mustards. Lots of death, suffering and horror all around. Mohamed would be so proud.

Buddhism is in fact the religion of peace. So much so that it is a wonder that it exists at all, as when it is attacked, it typically folds like a cheap suit. Tibet springs lightly to mind.

Terrorist attack in Thailand kills 14, wounds 341

From People of Shambhala.
“The worst attack in the past few years.” This is how Col. Pramote Promin, deputy spokesman of a regional security agency, has described the car bombings that were carried out in Thailand today.

“The suspected insurgents were targeting people’s lives,” says Col. Promin. “They [targeted] a bustling commercial area, so they wanted to harm people.”

Muslim militants are suspected of carrying out the attack. So far 14 are dead and over 340 were injured in the blasts.

The attack took place in Yala city, one of three southern provinces that were rocked by an Islamist insurgency against the Buddhist nation state in 2004.

The first explosion came from a parked pickup truck, and tore through an area of restaurants and shops in the busy commercial area of Yala.

About 20 minutes later when people had gathered near the explosion a second car bomb exploded, causing most of the fatalities.

Earlier in the month, using automatic weapons and grenades, about 50 Muslim militants attacked a military base housing Special Forces in the province of Narathiwat, injuring 12 soldiers. During the same evening… read more.