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One Reply to ““History does not repeat itself. But it does rhyme”. – Mark Twain”

  1. 30 seconds to Midnight.
    For want of a better place to post this:
    This is a summary gathered from official communications, overhead imagery, and forward observers in country.
    The situation on the Ukraine frontier have become disconcerting.
    Russian Federation Forces have been massing for some weeks, with significant heavy combat assets in position. The numbers and composition of forces is very different and ominous compared to past movements.
    Russia has now stated that it will invade Ukraine if ‘provoked’.
    Russian government today warned NATO that any further buildup in the region will be interpreted a potential invasion of Russia.
    Belarus has stated that it will side with Russia in the event of war and has begun moving assets to the border.
    Signs from NATO are worrying. The Alliance is reacting as if they expect Russia to move for Kiev. This would put Russian forces close to Poland and would require NATO to react.
    It is possible that NATO could read any movement by Russia further into Ukraine past the already-occupied Crimea area as a threat to Kiev and Poland.
    Further reports have come today that Russia has ejected US diplomats; conformation is being sought as to the veracity of that report.
    Yesterday, the US Embassy in Kiev issued a warning to US citizens in country that the situation is deteriorating rapidly.
    While an immediate nuke-out is unlikely, if the spam hits the fan there, Xi would have to be an idiot to not exploit it, and the Chinese build up on the Taiwan Straits has been large and obvious. The PLA is in position.
    If the balloon goes up, things are going to escalate rapidly.

    I used to be aginnit. Now I’m all for it.
    Those of you not actively wanting a blow out may want to hit the knees, or what ever you do. Bear in mind that our supply chains and economies are already shaky, and not much of a push is needed to collapse the whole shebang.
    More as it develops.

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