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35 Replies to “Protests in Austria for December 11, 2021”

  1. DAILY MAIL – Tens of thousands of protesters march through Vienna with ‘No to vaccine fascism’ signs in furious demonstration against compulsory COVID shots

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    Police said an estimated 44,000 people attended demonstration, the latest in a string of weekend protests

    It comes after Vienna announced unvaccinated residents in Austria would be fined for not being jabbed

    Last month, Austria became the first EU country to say it would make Covid vaccinations mandatory

    A partial confinement since last month ends on Sunday for the fully vaccinated, but those who have not received the required doses will have to remain at home


  2. paul j watson – Unvaxxed in Austria Could be Imprisoned For a Year

    New amendment increases sentence for non-payment of fines.
    People in Austria who remain unvaccinated could find themselves imprisoned for a year, according to critics of an amendment to an administrative law.

    Susanne Fürst of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), which voted against the amendment, warned that it could be used to punish the unjabbed with much harsher sentences.

    The amendment raises fines from €726 (£617/$818) to €2,000 (£1,701/$2,255) and increases prison time for those who refuse to pay from four weeks to up to a year.

    Given that Austrians who don’t get vaccinated by February face fines of up to €7,200 ($8,000) for non-compliance, those who refuse to pay would also face a 12 month jail sentence.

    The amendment also orders people who are jailed to pay for their own imprisonment.

    “If detention is carried out by the courts, the associated costs shall be recovered by the courts from the obligated party in accordance with the provisions existing for the recovery of the costs of enforcing judicial penalties,” it states.

    Despite Fürst protesting that the amendment could be used to further punish the unvaccinated, the measure was approved anyway.

    At the time it was announced, then Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg vowed to hit the unvaccinated with “penalties” if they still refused to get the jab, while asserting that they should “suffer.”

    Given that some technocrats are asserting that the vaccination program will never end, the initial one year prison sentence for vaccine refusniks could be just the beginning.


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