Rumours of forced vaxx in Austria, and why disbelieve it?

Anyone have a solid reason to think this could be untrue, other than sheer disbelief? Which at this point would be a degree of naïveté which is near fatal.

Germany Preparing to Impose Austria-Style Lockdown on the Unvaccinated

Germany is preparing to follow the example of Austria by imposing new lockdown measures that will exclusively apply to the unvaccinated.

As we highlighted yesterday, Austrian authorities are enforcing the new measures by having police patrol supermarkets and highways, stopping people and checking their vaccination status.

Similar scenes could now be about to unfold in neighboring Germany.

The Guardian reports that the COVID situation in the country is worse now than it was before the vaccine was introduced.

Unelected Austrian Leader Announces Indefinite Lockdowns For The Unvaccinated Starting Monday

We have video of Austrian police hunting for the unvaxxed in stores with machine guns. That will be posted soon.

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5 Replies to “Rumours of forced vaxx in Austria, and why disbelieve it?”

  1. Here’s why to disbelieve it. Everything is propaganda now. If there’s one thing the corrupt establishment is good at, it’s propaganda. They are smart enough to know they can’t influence people like us via CNN. So they bring the propaganda to us through our alternative media. Either by setting up controlled opposition alternative media or just by seeding our honest media with the kind of “outrageous videos” that we are likely to grab onto and spread around.

    I think we should view videos like this from other countries with at least partial skepticism. Austria, Australia, Lithuania….these are all tiny countries by population. What’s going on there (and more importantly, what’s *reported* to be going on there) functions importantly as propaganda to more populous nations.

    So far, the *actual* coercion has been all psychological. They want everyone *choosing* the jab. Not so much under duress as under the fear of possible future duress. Videos like this are meant to demoralize us. So we respond in one of four ways:
    1) This is so bad I might as well get the jab and stay out of trouble
    2) It’s *already* too late to protest…large parts of the world have *already* descended into full-blown medical tyranny complete with knocks on the door, forced lockdowns, and forced jabs.
    3) We *will* fight back, giving the establishment the *domestic terrorist” event they are yearning for.
    4) We’ll sit around reading and blogging and thinking about these outrages. As Covid skeptics rather than Covid….enthusiasts, we’re not reading fearfully about germs or posting selfies in our masks, but we are thinking an awful lot about the narrative that has been *produced* by the establishment. Which is how they want it. They knew going in that not 100% of people would fall in love with Fauci, masking, snitching, jabbing, etc. But they’ve managed to hijack the time and thoughts of all of us to at least some degree.

    For all those reasons, we have to take videos like this with a grain of salt.

    Does the establishment hate us? Yes. Do they care about our health or our civil rights? No. Is medical tyranny descending to a large extent? Yes.

    However, we still can’t believe everything we see.

    • That is excellent. I was thinking just yesterday that there seems more real disinformation coming through my favorite “conspiracy” web sites. As in, bizarre stuff meant to scramble people’s minds. It will get worse…

    • zero hedge – Reuters Ratio’d Into Oblivion After Fact Check Fail Defending Bill Gates

      […]Once again, the Founder and former CEO of Reuters, sits on an advisory board of Pfizer

      […]Jumping to Gates’ defense (as mainstream outlets tend to do) is Reuters, with perhaps the weakest ‘fact check’ in the history of fact checks that earned them a serious ‘ratio’ on Twitter (the proportion of comments vs. ‘likes’)

      […}If you notice, every single MSM “fact-check” is in the service not so much of objective truth, but of entrenched power.

      more :

    • Very well said and whether this video is an example of what you illustrate so well or not, we can say with perfect certainty that the process you describe is happening. There is zero doubts about that.

      So yes, salt well. But from PoV, when i have come across similar videos in the past, after much internal and even external debates about them, especially the ones that seemed unbelievable at the time, they turned out to be true, and a foreshadowing of the conditions today.

      And some were obviously fake. Like the Chinese ones at the start of the whole damn thing where people just fell forward in the street and an ambulance crew just happened to be right there off camera to whisk them away.

      So yeah. We have to remain vigilant.

  2. In March teams started going to each apt building in my own high-density urban neighborhood. The first one was a senior citizen residence where we have Russian friends. They didn’t understand, got alarmed, and called us.

    My Russki had to calm them down: told them it was NOT required, just a convenience. For them. THEIR choice. Don’t do anything unless an interpreter is present.

    He came back so angry, I had to calm him down.

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