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14 Replies to “Austria starts unvaxxed apartheid phase II”

  1. A bunny trail back to your question, Eeyore. Found this in Europe. Re Chris Sky.

    “There is a template, proven for example against Marine Le Pen or Salvini. There is always an individual who quickly engages patriotic voters, then cooperates with the state authorities, then starts attacking real patriotic forces, showing them as wrong. The result is a win for globalists.

    The procedure is always the same. An individual critic makes himself visible, is subsequently approached by the state, and when he gains the trust of dissenters, he goes hard against any real anti-system alternative.”

    Divide and conquer. On steroids. They strike fast to corrupt.

  2. Nothing like the controlled demolition of one’s own economy to make a commie salivate. Are they going through countries alphabetically? Australian, Austria…Zambia looks better every day.

      • Is it so silly to point out that Austrians seems more accepting than most of heavy-handed behaviour?

        There are people in Austria old enough to remember when the “risk” was of Jews going around… and now the unvaxxed are being treated similarly.

        I may well be guilty of misspelling – please do correct it.

        • Yes, it is quite silly to talk like this. That I have to even explain that. Your baseless idea, that a dictatorial mass murderer is reflective of a general population is so ludicrous and frankly worse than silly. Do you apply this “well thought out” standard to other countries as well?
          PS: It is actually a grammatical error you committed. It should read “Papiere bitte”

          • I’m suggesting that when the Germans invaded Austria for the Anschluss, they apparently were welcomed by crowds.

            I can’t think of too many places where such an action would be actively WELCOMED.

            Hence my comments.

          • Maybe you should read “Mein Kampf” again. Hitler was born, bred and eventually got the huge chip on his shoulder from his struggles living in Vienna. Why didn’t a Hitler happen in Belgium then? There is something about their society but I can’t exactly put my finger on it. Hmmmm…

  3. Christmas caroling is unsafe this year, says Dr. Theresa Tam
    Tam also advised that anyone gathered for an indoor event this winter should keep their windows open, “particularly if ventilation is not optimal.”

    Christmas caroling is unsafe, says Dr. Theresa Tam. The chief public health officer said singing indoors is not recommended this Christmas even among people who are fully vaccinated, Blacklock’s Reporter says.

    “In the wintertime, going inside with a lot of people shouting and singing is not the best idea if COVID is circulating and accelerating outside your front door,” Tam told reporters.

    Tam also advised that anyone gathered for an indoor event this winter — even fully-vaccinated people — should keep their windows open, “particularly if ventilation is not optimal.”

    Tam compared the coronavirus to second-hand smoke that should be avoided if possible. “We’ve learned how the virus can linger in fine aerosols and remain suspended in the air we breathe much as expelled smoke lingers in poorly ventilated spaces,” said Tam.

    “This is why opening a window helps reduce the risk, and why wearing a well-fitted and well-constructed mask is so important when you’re spending time in indoor public spaces, particularly if ventilation is not optimal. The risk for surges in disease activity is likely to increase with more time spent indoors.”

    Dr. Howard Njoo, deputy chief public health officer, echoed Tam’s advice. “Can we open the windows?” said Njoo. “Can we give permission for everyone to be comfortable continuing with wearing the mask indoors, even for family members?”

    “It is a good idea to consider wearing a mask for everyone, vaccinated or not vaccinated, and taking other measures to increase ventilation,” said Njoo. “Open windows to have more drafts.”

    This comes after instructions in October from Ontario’s chief medical officer of health Dr. Kieran Moore that halloween trick-or-treaters should not “sing or shout” for their treats.

    “They’ll have masks on, it’s just not to yell too exuberantly. I think the purpose of that comment was not to aerosolize, and it’s just a risk reduction strategy,” Moore commented on his guidance.

    “Clearly you have to make your presence known to get your treat, and you have to be able to knock as well as ask for the treat — we just ask not with a high volume that could potentially aerosolize.”

  4. This is behind Blacklock’s paywall – couldn’t find any other references on the web

    Gov’t Approves Vax Waivers
    The Department of Transport effective today will permit airlines and airports to grant employee exemptions to compulsory vaccination on medical or religious grounds. Similar exemptions for air passengers are expected by month’s end: “How does a manager decide?”

  5. The 5th Doctor – Ep. 9: Former Privacy Commissioner (Ontario) Dr. Ann Cavoukian Condemns Vaccine Passports

    Rumble — In mid-July of 2021, the former three-time Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner Dr. Ann Cavoukian denounced the implementation of vaccine mandates and passports in an interview with Dr. Sam Dubé. She was one of only a handful of experts to publicly do so, bringing to light the potential dangers of the technology and any legislation forthcoming in their implementation. “People will call me crazy”, she said about their potential implementation in Canada and worldwide, and the loss of privacy and freedoms that could, and would ensue….

    Fast forward to today – vax passports have been implemented in many countries worldwide to much unrest and public outcry. Protests of people ranging in the hundreds of thousands occurring regularly in several countries (France and Italy being prime examples), but left unreported by the compromised, captured, complicit, and corrupt mainstream media.

    In this sequel discussion with Sam Dubé, M.D., Ph.D., the Executive Director and founder of the Global Privacy and Security by Design Centre, Ann Cavoukian Ph.D., LL.D.(Hon.), M.S.M., one of the Top 25 Women of Influence, Top 10 Women in Data Security & Privacy, and a self-declared “lover of privacy and freedom”, elaborates on her previous interview, voicing her powerful condemnation of vaccine passports and the loss of privacy and freedoms that is happening now. Dr. Cavoukian warns that the implementation of the vaccine passports will inevitably lead to a social credit system and a totalitarian state, unless we stand up and resist.

    Please access the following links for some BREAKING information and relevant articles:

    Dr. Ann Cavoukian’s privacy & security company website:

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